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How Does Horse Race Betting Work?

The main feature of horse races is a very rapid development of events. The total duration of one race is approximately two minutes. There are various distances, some of them with obstacles, another without them, there are also some other important factors, but in any case, the distances are relatively small in the range from 1 to 4 kilometers. The result of the competition is immediately known, no need to wait painfully, for example, the end of a football match. Horse racing takes place continuously throughout the calendar year. Therefore, payments in horse racing betting sites occur immediately after the end of the race.

It is necessary to note one more interesting feature, which is that the tote on the races is preserved in its original form, there is even a judgment that the races and the tote are inseparable from each other. The meaning of the sweepstakes is that the bets made are divided among the winners. The winning ratio is directly dependent on the total amount of bets made on the corresponding result. In the event that no winner has been placed on the winner, a jackpot appears. Which bears the name of the “boiler” at the racetrack. It can increase significantly until some lucky one does not predict the necessary combination.

Horse Racing Terminology

Compared to other sports, the stakes on it are very different. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the terminology of races in bookmakers:

  • The winner in the races is the horse that first crossed the finish line.
  • A place. This bid is in place. You need to predict the position your horse will take in this race.
  • The bookmaker offers a choice of pairs for betting. In these pairs you will find the personal confrontations of each horse with each. To win, you need to specify a horse that crosses the finish line before another.
  • Prizes or prize trio. To win this bet, the player must guess the first 3 winning places. What do you have to indicate all the horses in order.
  • The finish. In races, it happens that the horse does not cross the finish line. This type of bet involves only crossing the finish line of one of the horses.
  • To win the bet, you must specify a horse that does not exactly cross the finish line first.

There are two types of jumps that take place in the UK – barrier jumps and flat. If you find an inaccuracy and are ready to tell us about the so-called “trotting races” (the horse is harnessed to the stroller), then they are not practiced at a serious level. Accordingly, large bets cannot be made.

In a smooth race, horses participate at the age of 2 years, but jumps are allowed only for horses aged 3-4 years.

The organization is very interesting and the horses have a full career. For the first time, a horse performs at the maiden races. In a free translation, the term maiden is a sign that the horse has never triumphed. In theory, horses can participate in maidens an unlimited number of times, but most often horses move on to the next stage – the so-called handicap. In Russian transcription it sounds like a handicap and this is the most popular kind of horse racing.

Each of the horses in the handicap has a certain weight load, which, in turn, makes it possible to equalize the chances of the participants. The best horses, carrying the largest loads, are displayed at number 1 on the race map. If the horse is on the last line of the list, it means that it carries the smallest weight and, accordingly, is the least capable.

The handicaps we mentioned earlier are divided into 6 classes. Class 1 is, accordingly, the highest-quality horses that have the greatest chance of winning. But the sixth grade is the lowest. Quite often, horses starting with the lowest classes of handicap successfully climb up.

Actually, the largest bets are placed on Class 1. Today they are popular about the whole world and they are the most discussed.

Class 1 has its own “ladder”, here the races are divided into:Listed, Group 3, Group 2, Group 1.

Listed – the so-called “transition phase”, it is here that new stars are found. If the horse has established itself well at this stage, it is gradually moving up to the Group levels, up to Group 1. Group 2 and 3 are also popular. The payouts here are very, very substantial.

Actually, the horse’s career develops like this – maiden, then handicap, followed by Listed, and then, respectively, Group 3.2.1. But, of course, as with people, there are few who have all of these stages in careers, in most cases, horses stop at middle class handicaps. Rarely, but still it happens that the horses jump from the first step to the first class.

Horse Race Betting Systems

One of the simplest horse racing betting strategies is as follows. The player picks up three races at three racetracks. In each race we select a favorite. And we bet “Trixie” on three favorites – three expresses with two outcomes and one triple. The main condition under which the strategy will work out is the odds for the victory of each favorite must exceed 2.00. If at least two horses win, the payout is guaranteed.

An even simpler strategy is to bet on two favorites in the first starts. The player makes a combined bet – two single and double express. The ratio for each favorite should be more than 2.00.

For such strategies, the first three leaps of the day are ideal. Beginners usually start first on a race day. And among them there are strong favorites who often win the race.

If a bookmaker puts an abnormally high coefficient on the favorite – from 4.00 and higher, and other participants have different hefts in the same area, we can assume that several offices have chances. In this case, you can use a strategy called dutching. According to a beautiful legend, it was invented by the accountant of the gangster Al Capone named Dutchi Schulz.

The principle of strategy is very simple. The player is betting on the victory of several horses. If the odds are high enough (4.00 and higher), then you can bet two or three horses to win, and if one of them comes to the finish line first, the player will remain in the black.

Another interesting horse racing betting strategy is called follow the money. The player studies the race cards, looks out for several outsiders and watches the odds change. If the coefficient constantly creeps down on one of the horses, they are actively betting on it. If it is actively put on, the player tries to find the reason for such an outsider popularity, studies the data, statistics, looks at the form, etc. If the horse has good potential, you can bet that she will come to the finish line first or take the prize.How To

Choose a Horse Racing Betting Site

Best Value Odds

Why are betters attracted only by the best odds? Because the higher this indicator, the more money you can win. Unfortunately, bookmakers set bets with high odds only on those events that are very difficult to guess. In turn, low coefficients correspond to those events, which are not difficult to guess. If you are interested in horse racing odds, then the table with them, which is on our website, will definitely come in handy. You will also probably be interested to know that the offices that our portal offers have the best odds.

In order to make it even clearer to you what are the odds for horse racing, let’s assume that you put $ 1000 on a certain outcome of the race, the coefficient of which is 1.9. If your bet is played, then you will become the owner of 1900. To always be in the know, carefully study the odds for racing today and other days at the best horse racing betting sites and use the above strategies, because this will increase the chances of winning.

Types of Bets

The more betting options available on online horse betting sites, the better the bookmaker is right for you. You need to have all the above-mentioned bets in the line and all the information about the race should be provided – the name and length of the stadium, the names of the horses participating, the names of the trainers, the shape of the horses and so on.

  • Bet on the winner (Win). Everything is simple here. The usual type of bet on the winner of the race. We choose a horse, and if she comes to the finish line first, we get a win. There is also the opportunity to choose a horse and make the opposite bet, that is, if he does not come to the finish line first, you get a win.
  • Winners Betting. Of course, it is difficult to guess the winner of the race, and in order to increase the probability of winning, online horse race betting sites offer the option of betting on the top three winners. That is, the selected horse should be in the top 3 at the end of the race. This type of betting on betting lines may also be called Show.It is also worth noting that the number of prizes in different races can vary. And if there are more than three of them and the horse gets prizes, then such a bet in this sport is called Place.
  • Betting on the winners in the correct sequence. Also in races there is this type of Forecast betting. Here the player must guess the horses that will come first and second in the race. The variation of the bet can change, giving the player the opportunity to bet not on certain places that the horses will take, but by chance.Some horse racing betting sites on the internet to Forecast offer the Tricast bet option. This bet is identical to the above, with only one caveat: here you need to choose three horses already.
  • Who is higher? In this bet, a player from any two horses selects the one who will take a higher place. That is, during the entire race, the player watches the duel of two horses.

Horse Race Selection

The most important thing in choosing a horse is information. If we are doing this for the first time, it is very important to study the shape of the horses, their past racesAt horse racing betting sites new, we rarely find an analysis of this issue.

After all, to give all the trump cards in the hands of the client is also not very correct. The client himself must look for important information on this type of competition. At various specialized sites you can find both information on past races and the current state of the runner.

Also, race managers constantly print horse data, its form, as well as current and previous jockeys in the programs.

Other, additional factors must also be considered. What are the general data of the past race with the current? Who was the jockey of the winning horse, is the same road surface.

If the jockey is replaced by a younger and harder, and the distance is longer, then most likely this horse will not come first. And, for example, the horse came the second time, it is already running on conditions more convenient for it, so it is likely that it will be first in this race.

The track surface is also important for horses. Here, as in tennis, there are several types of surfaces, and each horse has advantages on a particular track.

Also in the description of the shape of the horses there are special data, which are indicated by Latin letters, they also need to pay attention to. For example, F (Fell) means that in one of the races the horse fell, and UR says that the jockey on the horse was not very stable and fell during the race

It also indicates the condition of the horse and its abilities. A horse that has stopped in front of an obstacle, or dropped a jockey, is not yet ready to become a leader. Therefore, it is better not to bet on it.

The jockey himself who drives the horse is also important. On the one hand, this is ballast, the lighter the jockey, the lower the total weight of the horse and the jockey, and for smooth runs it will be very convenient.

If a jockey often wins in smooth races, but always fails when racing with obstacles, betting him is not recommended.

Or vice versa – the jockey shows himself well in obstacles, then you can be sure of it. After all, the ability to control a horse, the experience of a jockey, is determined at the races with obstacles.

Mobile Betting

A stationary computer is slowly ceasing to be the main assistant in sports betting. It requires attachment to the house or it becomes a heavy burden when it comes to a laptop. Every year, it’s becoming more convenient to search for information and use various services to use mobile applications and the world of sports betting is at the forefront of mastering the achievements of progress in the world of information technology.

Best online horse betting sites create not only mobile versions of their portals, but also special applications that provide more comfort and opportunities when placing bets and monitoring sports events for racing. The mobile site loads much longer, while the application does not need many interface elements already installed in the gadget.

Bet to Watch

New horse betting sites offer their players to watch horse races and bet on them at the same time. It is very convenient to receive the most relevant information, without switching to another screen or application. So you greatly ease your fate. Therefore, it is best to choose horse racing betting sites in uk with built-in broadcasts.

Safety & Security

In order to regularly place bets and make profit from it, you need to choose a good office or good offices.

Now there are a lot of sites and forums on the Internet where you can read reviews and reviews of bookmakers. Yes, some of them were bought by the bookmakers themselves. But if you look through our Pro-gamble rating, you can get a general idea of ​​the best rated online horse race betting sites.

This should be enough to decide on a game in a separate office. Confidence is evoked by bookmakers whose shares are traded on the stock exchange, offices that actively cooperate with gambling organizations and have all the necessary licenses.

Bonuses & Offers

A lot of bookmakers in the UK especially support players who bet on races. This is probably one of the oldest and most popular sports. Therefore, if you like to bet on racing, then choose a site on which you will be given free bets on this sport. You can find out about them in our review.

Membership Benefits

Those who often play on bets will certainly appreciate the bonuses provided by the bookmaker on an ongoing basis, and not only during the first deposit or for registration. These are the so-called loyalty programs. In this section you will find the most profitable active loyalty programs at best online horse racing betting sites.

The essence of such a proposal is extremely simple, reminiscent of a sea of ​​similar actions in supermarkets, online stores. That is, the player for the bets receives some bonuses, which he can later use in one form or another. Most often – as a freebet or a free gift bet in other words.

Not every bookmaker offers its regular customers a funded points or freebets system. But if there is such an offer, then, of course, playing becomes more profitable.

The goal of any bookmaker loyalty program is to keep the player. For example, it is obvious that as you gain experience, a person may become disappointed in the level of coefficients or the functionality of the office. The result of such disappointment is most often the departure to another bookmaker. The accumulated bonuses, as a rule, are designed just to bind a person to a specific betting company.

Interestingly, loyalty programs are peculiar and not alike. But in fact, both there and there, free bets are issued for accumulations, net wins from which are converted into real cash on the account. Everything is simple.

However, do not forget that not a single bookmaker will work in the red. That is why any loyalty program is at the expense of the quality of the coefficients (they can be lower, and sometimes significantly). Also, in this type of bonus there is a psychological move, namely the formation of attachment to bets. Nevertheless, there are quite decent and interesting offers that really increase interest in betting.

Horse Racing Ambassadors

A lot of bookmakers who are Horse Racing Ambassadors. That is, they encourage horse racing, which means they offer special conditions for their customers. If the bookmaker is an ambassador, then it will surely have big odds for events, full statistics of races, live broadcasts and many bonuses for its players.

Betting On Horses – Online vs Offline

Betting on Horses Online Benefits:

  • Save time. To put on the right event, the player does not need to wear outer clothing and go somewhere, so that later, perhaps, he can also stand in line to the operator.
  • An abundance of information. At home in a calm environment, a better can search through a bunch of statistical information for a sporting event that interests him, so that on the basis of the data received, he can draw the right conclusion and put it correctly. There is also access to the Internet at the racetrack, but your actions on it are significantly limited.
  • The breadth of choice. When making bets on the Internet, the player has the right to choose the bookmaker, even located thousands of kilometers away, which suits him the most with coefficients, convenience, reliability and other parameters, and at the hippodrome you have to be content with low coefficients.
  • The advantage of live betting. Obviously, a better who makes an online bet at home, and even using the “One-click Bet” option, is in a more advantageous position relative to the player at the hippodrome, where the same bet must also be voiced by the operator, who will not only spend precious money on live-mode time for its placement, but it can be corny mistake.

But live betting has its advantages:

  • Live emotions. At the racetrack from each victory and defeat you will receive a bunch of emotions. You will never experience such emotions while sitting at home. Because it is screaming, the voltage cannot be transmitted through the camera.
  • Obvious things. At the racetrack you see the whole picture. You can soberly assess the situation and see trauma, fatigue, and you can consult other players about your bet. But at home you can often be distracted, and there is no one to consult with you.

Things to Consider Before Betting On Horse Races


  • Watch the broadcasts! For some sports, you can bet blindly, relying only on numbers and statistics. To make money on races, it is better to watch races live. You will see the driving style of the athletes, their tactics and potential. Perhaps you can see promising outsiders in whom no one believes yet.If you choose between going to a racetrack or an online broadcast, it is better to choose an online broadcast. You look close up the whole race. If necessary, you can enable replay. You can go to the racetrack for the atmosphere, but you will not see the details there.
  • Explore the Hippodrome. A racetrack for riders is like a formula track. Some of them know better, some they like better, some are lucky. If you can calculate your favorite hippodromes among your favorites, then greatly improve the quality of your bets.
  • Do not chase high odds. In races, it is better to adhere to proven strategies and bet on favorites. The odds are not high on them, but outsiders in races almost never win. To increase the coefficient, it is better to put an express on two or three favorites in different races than to bet on an outsider and lose.

Bet Types

Horse racing is a sport in which bets are made according to a special system. In racing, the winner is the one who comes to the finish line first. Horse races differ from team games in the fact that there are not 2 rivals competing here, but much more, so for horse racing, bets can be made on many outcomes.

The odds are traditionally high, but keep in mind that they are changing dynamically, and it is important to choose the right moment to make the most profitable bet on the races. At the racetracks there are such varieties of odds for betting on horse racing:

  • AR – for long-term preliminary rates;
  • EP – early odds, set after approval of the list of participants (1-2 days before the start of the competition), valid until the horses are taken to the courtyard of the hippodrome;
  • EP – board coefficients, valid from the moment the horses are taken to the courtyard until the start of the race;
  • SP – starting, offered at the start of the race.

Some large bookmakers offer favorable conditions for players: if bets on horse races were made on an early or board coefficient, and the starting one turned out to be higher, in case of a win it is guaranteed to be paid out on a starting coefficient (guarantee for the best odds).

For a successful game, you must always remember a number of features:

  • should be put on that horse, which has no problems with weight, as a heavy horse will be very difficult to accelerate;
  • if a horse has recently participated in a race and once again goes a distance, then due to fatigue his chances of winning are reduced;
  • bet on experienced jockeys who can even win in heavy races;
  • study the statistics of performances in order to calculate everything to the smallest detail.

First of all, betters should know that there are three main types of horse racing: Simple (smooth), In the harness &With obstacles.

The following types of bets are available for these types of races in online bookmakers:

  • Winner is the easiest bet. Players bet on the jockey that wins.
  • Prize place – you should decide on the horses who will become winners of the race.
  • Each Way – two bets of the same amount are made. The first – to the first place of the horse, the second – to one of the prizes.
  • Showy – if the horse on which it is placed takes a prize, then the prize is guaranteed.
  • Combined bet: Across the board = Winner + Prize + Oversized – three bets at a time.
  • Exacta – two bets on the exact determination of the winner and winner.
  • Express (Double) – 2 horses in two different races must be the first.
  • Express (Treble) – 3 horses in three different races will be the first.
  • Trifecta – three horses will take the first three places in a certain sequence.
  • Quinella – bet on the exact prize position.

Race Types

Horse racing is divided into three main types: without obstacles or smooth, with obstacles or barrier, cross country or steeple chase. Smooth races are primarily used to test young horses and identify their qualities in order to improve the breed. Barrier jumps are designed for horses with sufficient experience. As a rule, these are geldings.

Smooth and barrier jumps aregallop-based, that is, the fastest gait at three paces with a phase of unsupported movement. First, the first hind leg rests on the ground, and then the second hind leg with the diagonal front at the same time. After the separation of the first hind leg, which began to run, the horse rests on only one diagonal front leg. And only then does the phase of unsupported movement begin.

Flat races are also divided into two types. Their classification comes primarily from the load on the horse. Fixed and non-fixed weights on the horse were not from the participants. That is, any coach or jockey before the start of the race can independently calculate the weight that his horse can support.

Only certain horses can participate in the Steeple Chase. Their age must be from 4 years. The distance of this race is from 4000 to 7000 meters. During the passage of this track horses must overcome barriers and obstacles.


In betting on horses, you can also be guided by special strategies that allow players to have a stable profit with the right analysis:

  1. “Lazy” – 3 races are selected on the same day and a bet is made on three favorites of the Treble type. Favorites should be rated by bookmakers with odds of at least 2.00.
  2. Schultz strategy – betting on winning several horses in one race.
  3. Strong middle peasants – it is necessary to bet on races in which there are no clear leaders.
  4. “Following the money” – outsiders of different races are searched for, the coefficients of which fall, that is many betters bet on them. Then the shape of the jockey and horse is analyzed, after which the most promising underdog is chosen, on which it should be put.


What do I need to register on an online horse racing betting site?

You will need to go to the website of the bookmaker, go through full registration and confirm your identity. Remember that you can only play UK if you are 18 years old. When registering, you must confirm this with your documents.

Is it safe to do deposits & withdrawals in online bookmakers?

Yes, the bookmaker guarantees confidentiality to its customers. An obligatory attribute of a modern betting portal should be an SSL protocol with 128-bit or 256-bit data encryption. It guarantees protection against hackers who may try to intercept data.

Can I set a betting limit?

Yes, in all good bookmakers you can solve this issue if you contact the support service. There they will tell you how to set a recharge limit in your account.