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How to Choose the Best Betting Sites for Tennis

Live Streaming & In-play

With the advent of the opportunity to make live bets, bookmakers set about creating an online broadcast service for their customers. Therefore, each client of online tennis betting sites can watch live the event on which he has bet. Also, watching the game in online mode, he can make live bets during the game itself. It should be added that the broadcast of a match is not always available on television, and therefore Internet broadcasting is able to correct this drawback by making it possible to view many matches in online mode. This service is provided by a number of bookmakers and, moreover, for free, but for this it is necessary to fulfill certain conditions.

The main condition for most bookmakers is the authorization on the site. By registering and logging in, you can watch tennis matches of the ATP, WTA, Wimbledon, Australian Open. Some offices even have their own Internet TV.

Acca Insurance & Money Back

System – a combined bet consisting of expresses. Unlike an ordinary express train, the system can win even when losing individual selections in combination.

The main characteristic of the system is its dimension. It is written in two numbers. For example, “3 of 4”. This means that the system consists of 4 choices, which are combined into expresses with 3 choices each. That is, there will be 4 combinations, and at least 3 choices must win in order for the whole system to win. The amount of the bet is distributed evenly over all possible combinations in the system.

To calculate the payment according to the system, it is necessary to calculate each express (combination) of the system separately and summarize the payments on them.

For example, take the already mentioned 3 of 4 system. Suppose you put 1000 on it and selected the following events for it:

  • Chelsea will win against Atlético for 2.0;
  • PSG will beat Bayern for 2.6;
  • Milan will prevail over Rijeka in 2.14;
  • Lokomotiv will be stronger than Fastava for 1.6.

As we have already discussed above, in the “3 of 4” system there will be 4 express trains with 3 choices in each. A bet of 1000 is divided equally into 4 combinations, that is, 250 for each.

It is worth noting that bets on Acca Insurance are available only in the best tennis betting sites. Therefore, it is important that the site has such an opportunity.

Cash Out

One of the most common questions when becoming a player of the betting system for beginners is the stable payment of funds won. Not all bettors have knowledge of which bookmakers in the UK are able to constantly and without any problems make payments from a game account. Therefore, in this article we will consider all online tennis betting sites that have a high reputation in carrying out even large sums promptly.

The second important point for beginners with a small bank may be the speed of withdrawal of funds from the account, it is important that the bookmaker pay money immediately or as soon as possible. The ability to withdraw your income and receive cash or transfer it to another bookmaker’s account within a few minutes is a must for players with modest capital.

Bonus Offers

Freebet is the amount received by the player from the betting company. The qualification rate, in turn, is the rate performed according to the conditions provided by the company. It has a significant difference from the usual, in which the player can play money. In this case, the bonus will be credited no matter what. Moreover, if the player also wins, then taking into account the bonus will remain in a good plus.

It is no secret that the market is full of bookmakers, there is a fierce one between the offices. It is not surprising that bonuses are precisely one of the instruments of competition. One office can offer small bonuses with a bunch of obligations, while others can offer a decent bonus with low requirements. Usually, to get it you need to fulfill a couple of requirements: wager the bonus or wager. All conditions again depend only on the betting company. Note that the following are often offered:

  • it is necessary to make a qualifying bet with a certain coefficient. It usually ranges from 1.20 to 2.00.
  • bet only on a specific sport.
  • place a bet with a certain amount.
  • wager the bonus before withdrawing money to the card.

Typically, the bookmakers cancel all wins from the bonus bet, provided that the player has ignored the fulfillment of the mandatory bonus conditions and wanted to withdraw money. Therefore, it is very important to always read all the requirements and conditions, so as not to get into trouble later.

Depth of Market

Each online tennis betting sites has its own range of bets available for the game: someone is limited to a completely standard set of bets, and someone tries to diversify and saturate his painting with a large number of events.

The total amount of bets offered by absolutely any bookmaker is determined by three key criteria:

  • Line width – the total number of bets available for different sports;
  • Depth of painting – the variety of bets offered by a bookmaker for a specific sporting event;
  • Variety of markets – the choice of bets on a specific outcome in a particular sporting event.

In our ranking, we have put together the best tennis betting sites in the UK that offer the widest scores for these criteria.

Competitive Odds

When choosing their first bookmaker, new players do not pay much attention to the odds, as their choice is based on the recommendations of friends or based on advertising. After a certain period of time, adjusting to the bets, the bettor begins to notice the difference in the odds of his bookmaker and a third-party. To his surprise, he remarks that often the difference is not thousandths and hundredths, but tenths, which is a precipice in percentage terms.

One of the most important components of betting is always the odds in the bookmakers. First of all, before registering with the company, attention is drawn to this particular aspect, since everyone wants to play and win at the highest quotes.

How to Bet On Tennis

In such a dynamic and spectacular sport as tennis, where large male and female tournaments are held almost without interruptions, it is important for betters betting on tennis matches to thoroughly know the rules of this beautiful game, as well as to understand its various styles and types of courts, which directly affects the result. All this will be discussed in our material.

Match Winner

Usually on a clear favorite, the odds are reduced to a minimum, on average 1.06-1.2. But, as soon as the game begins, the odds on bets increase slightly. In tennis, one side is represented by one player, a strong player adheres to his strategy and often saves strength at the beginning. Betting on a favorite is best done live. The strategy is to catch the highest odds.

Before bets, bookmakers who give the highest odds are selected. They analyze the form of the player and what exactly this victory will give him. If the favorite has an injury or he makes many mistakes, it is better to choose a different strategy.

Watch for negative odds, if the outsider can’t even take his pitch, then the odds on betting on the favorite are unlikely to rise. The strategy in this case recommends making a bet at the end of the first game, after evaluating the game of both athletes.

Some betters play against a favorite. There are two reasons for this, firstly, the odds are at least 1.5 times higher, and secondly, as elsewhere, strong athletes do not always win. If you constantly bet on the victory of an outsider, then sooner or later one of them will play. To use the strategy, you need to be patient and carefully choose a duel.

Bets have two varieties:

  • Against an explicit nominal player. Here you can’t limit yourself to just three bets; you need a good bank and enormous patience, because a series of losses can take a long time.
  • The second option is when a promising opponent plays against the favorite. In such cases, the chance is around 1.5. Winnings are not so high, but their probability is higher.

Set Betting

A set is a game that goes on until one of the tennis players wins six games first. Moreover, the gap in games from the opponent must be two or more games, for example, 6: 4, 7: 5, 6: 3, etc. If both athletes gain six games, a tie-break is held. In a tie-break, the game goes on until victory in seven draws or with a gap of two draws (7: 5, 7: 3 or 10: 8, 8: 6). All tennis betting sites accept bets on sets in tennis.

The main bet is a victory in the set. There can be no draw, so the players bet either on one tennis player or on another. This is the easiest and most popular bet. If you bet on a line, it requires analysis of the match and tennis players. In the case when a player makes a bet in the “live” mode, you must watch the live broadcast. This is the only way to understand what is happening on the court.

H & Icap Betting

A handicap is a bet that is accepted on the difference of the games won by one player over another. To understand the meaning of this bet, you need to consider an example. The match between Rafael Nadal against Federer ended with a score of 6: 4 6: 7 6: 2 in favor of Raphael. In total, Nadal won 18 games, and Federer 13. This means that the gap was in 5 games. If you took the odds -4.5 on Nadal or +5.5 on Federer, the bet would have won.

When betting on handicaps, it is necessary to consider specifically games, who will win the match is sometimes not even so important. The main thing is that you get your coveted advantage in games at the end of the match. It happens that by putting one of the tennis players on the minus odds, you can win your bet even if your player loses the match. It happened that F-1.5 or even -2.5 came in when the player we bet on was losing. For example, with a score of 6: 0, 6: 7, 4: 6, a minus handicap of -2.5 on a losing player would bring you the coveted gain … This, of course, happens once a year, but it also happens. This example just explains that when handicaping, the most important thing is to count games, the rest does not matter.

Match Totals

Total in tennis is the number of games or sets in a duel, more or less than the specified value. This type of bet is popular and is located along with the handicap and betting on the outcome.

The meeting ended with a score of 3: 6, 4: 6. We summarize the number of games and get the total of the match 19 (3 ​​+ 6 + 4 + 6). For example, TB (20.5) lost, and TM (19.5) passed. The rate of TB or TM (19) is calculated by return (with a coefficient of 1.0). With individual total, the games of one athlete are taken into account. The first has 7 (3 + 4), and the second has 12 (6 + 6). If you take into account the total sets, then in the example it is equal to two – not games are summed up, but games.

  • Individual Total – Games won by one tennis player.
  • Total odd or even – the sum of the games corresponds to an even or odd number. Do not bet on this market, because in tennis the odd oddis not predicted.
  • Total sets – the number of sets played in the match. The value depends on the type of match – three- or five-set.
  • Total in the party – the number of games in one set.
  • Total Span – the value in the total in the specified range, for example, from 2 to 4 (which means the total will be 2, 3 or 4).

Outright Winner

Outright – a bet not on a specific match, but on the winner of the entire tennis tournament. Outright bets are classified as good luck bets. It is difficult to predict the outcome of a long-term rate for the week, but nevertheless it is possible. Also, wait for the calculation of the bet for ages.

Although the history of betting remembers cases when people bet on a “dark horse” at the beginning of the championship a little money and won substantial sums due to the high coefficient. Outright lovers expect precisely such bets: a few dollars per thousandth coefficient.

An advantage of outright type bets is the opportunity to play at a high coefficient, and without risking a large amount, as a result, get a solid profit.

Types of Tennis Events

Gr & Slam

Grand Slam competitions are the most important global tennis event and consist of four competitions:

  • US Open – the open championship of the United States of America.
  • Roland Garros – open French championship.
  • Australian Open – Australian Open.
  • Wimbledon – British Open Championship. The 2014 Grand Slam tournament, like the tournaments of recent years, is held in the following calendar order:
  • Melbourne, Australia – January, hard court floor.
  • Paris, France – May-June, unpaved.
  • Wimbledon (a suburb of London), UK – June-July, grass.
  • New York, United States – August-September, hard cover.

In the event that the athlete manages to win all four tennis tournaments, he becomes the owner of the Grand Slam.

Tennis tournaments of this series in singles and doubles among men are played until victory in three sets. In the first four sets, with a score of 6: 6, a tie-break is played, in which you need to win 7 goals in order to achieve a difference of two goals with your opponent. In the fifth set, an advantage over the opponent in two games is necessary. The exception is the US Open, in which in the fifth set, with the equality of indicators, they also play a tie-break.

Davis Cup

Davis Cup is the largest international team competition in men’s tennis. A similar tournament for women’s teams is the Federation Cup.

The Davis Cup has been held annually since 1900 under the auspices of the International Tennis Federation. During the competition, teams of tennis players from different countries play matches among themselves with the elimination of the losing team from the tournament.

In each round of the tournament, two teams play five matches over three days, usually from Friday to Sunday. To win, you need to win at least three out of five matches. The first two matches are single, held on the first day. The second day is a doubles match. The last two matches are single, held on the third day. The participants of the first day traditionally play in them, replacing their rivals. Previously, it was allowed to replace a player in the last two matches, if only the winner of the round was already determined after the first three matches. Now the teams are allowed on the last day to put the tennis players at their own discretion, provided that the composition of the rivals will not repeat the matches of the first day.

Matches are held in five sets, the fifth set is played without tie-break. If one of the teams secured a victory before all five matches were played, then the remaining matches are held in three sets, as they do not affect the outcome of the round.

ATP World Tour

In the calendar for each tournament of both “ATP World Tour” and “ATP Challenger Tour” rounds, the calendar defines one week for games on the main grid in singles and doubles, starting from Monday and ending on Sunday. ATP Challenger Tours and games in the second week of Grand Slam tournaments may begin on Tuesday, subject to prior approval from the ATP.

  1. Single discharge. All matches, including the final, must be held out of three (3) “tie-break sets”.
  2. All matches, including the final, must be held out of two (2) “tie-break sets” and a decisive “tie-break match” (up to 10 points. All games are scored using the No-Ad system.
  3. Conducting finals on Monday. The finals of the “ATP World Tour” or “ATP Challenger Tour” tournaments should not be held on Monday next week without prior approval from the ATP.

ATP World Tour Tournaments:

  • ATP World Tour Finals (final tournament) in singles and doubles
  • Masters 1000 ATP
  • World Tour 500 ATP
  • World Tour 250 ATP

WTA Tour

At the end of the season, at the end of the YEAR OF THE TOUR, there are two special tournaments. Since they are held at the end of the season they are called “Summary”, although this concept is not in the WTA rules.

These tournaments in English are called “Premier WTA Championships” and “International Tournament of Champions”.

The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) holds tournaments under the general name “WTA Tour”, which have the following gradation:

  • tournaments of the “WTA Premier Mandatory” series;
  • tournaments of the “WTA Premier 5″ series;
  • tournaments of the “WTA Premier” series;
  • tournaments of the “WTA International” series;
  • tournaments of the “WTA 125K” series.

At the end of the season, two World Tour Finals are held:

  • “WTA Elite Trophy”;
  • “WTA Finals”.
  • All tournaments are held according to the Olympic system. The exception is the World Tour Finals, which are held according to a mixed system.
  • In total, there are 66 tournaments in the WTA Tour Calendar, the geography of which includes 29 countries. The leaders in the number of tournaments held are China and the USA – by 11. This is exactly one third of the entire WTA Calendar. On 4 – spend Australia and the UK. Mexico and Russia – by 3. Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, France, Switzerland, Japan – by 2. The rest of the countries have 1 tournament each: Austria, Hungary, Qatar, Colombia, Luxembourg, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, UAE, Romania, Thailand, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Croatia, Czech Republic and South Korea.

ATP Masters Series

These tournaments are considered the most prestigious in men’s tennis after the Grand Slam tournaments. Previously, they had many different names: Grand Prix Tour Championship Series (1970 – 1989), “Mercedes Benz Super 9” (1993 – 1999), Tennis Masters Series (2000 – 2003), ATP Masters Series (2004 – 2008 )

The tournaments of this series got their current name because their winner receives 1000 rating points.

Currently, the series includes tournaments in the cities of Indian Wells (USA, March), Miami (USA, March), Monte Carlo (Monaco, April), Madrid (Spain, May), Rome (Italy, May), Montreal and Toronto (Canada, August), Cincinnati (USA, August), Shanghai (China, October) and Paris (France, November).

The prize pool of tournaments of this series is from 2 450 to 3 645 thousand dollars.

It is also worth noting that the Canadian Masters is traditionally held in two cities. In even-numbered years, the tournament is hosted by Toronto, and in odd-numbered events, Montreal.

The main tournament grid of the ATP Masters 1000 series includes from 48 (Paris) to 96 (Indian Wells and Miami) athletes. Tournaments in Indian Wells and Miami last for two weeks, although the rest of the tournaments of this and other series last a week.

Tennis Betting Strategies

Game Betting Strategies

The catch-up strategy is considered one of the most popular in tennis. Here the game goes on the games. As you know, each tennis player takes turns serving his pitch. As statistics show, even the weakest players in at least one set take their pitch. That is, you need to find such a tennis player, preferably from ATP, for the supply of which they give a coefficient of 1.6. The average person can win several games in his innings from tennis players from the top. The athlete will lose the whole match, but we don’t need him to win. We play games where he enters the server. And provided that the ratio is greater than 1.60.

Set Betting Strategies

Set strategies are also very popular with players. They can be different, but as practice shows, the most popular is the bet on the 3 set. To successfully place bets on this, you need to select events according to some conditions:

  • The level of play of opponents should be equal.
  • The odds before the match for both players should be approximately equal.

As a rule, in such matches, after the first set lost, the winner loses the second set. After winning the first set, you bet on the victory of the second player. When the coefficient starts to grow, then you bet again on the victory of the first player. It turns out a fork and you make a profit.

The main conditions under which the strategy works are compliance with the above conditions and a thorough analysis of the match participants.

Favorite Betting Strategies

The favorite betting strategy in tennis is to bet on players at a coefficient of 1.45-1.65.

The player selects matches where there is a clear favorite and an outsider. Here you can focus on quotes of bookmakers: bookmaker analysts conduct their own analysis and identify obvious candidates for victory. If the coefficient on the favorite is in the interval 1.45-1.65, you can bet on his victory.