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Welcome Bonus. Minimum Deposit €20. Wagering requirements 35x(d+b)

What is VISA?

Slots for real money with the withdrawal to VISA cards are in demand among most visitors to online casinos. Not everyone has e-wallets, and not everyone agrees to register in the system in order to replenish the game account (sometimes even with a commission).

Therefore, the gambling establishments that offer to replenish the deposit or withdraw the funds won on the VISA card, the audience is more than about 35%.

VISA cards are one of the most popular payment methods worldwide. Their share among all payment cards is very impressive 57 percent, and the turnover is 4.8 trillion dollars annually.

Given such popularity, it is not surprising that gambling enthusiasts from all over the world overwhelmingly use VISA cards for calculations. In addition, this system is actively developing, which allows it to offer its users enormous advantages that are not available to customers of other companies. Note that there are more than 20 varieties of VISA cards.

For those customers whose main goal is payments on the Internet, there is a special VISA Virtual card. With its help, you can also pay in a casino. Unfortunately, recently rumors have been actively circulating that VISA and MasterCard will stop working with online casinos due to the extremely active campaign against gambling in the United States. However, at the moment, all this remains just a rumor.

How to Make a VISA Deposit

The process is intuitive. If you have already paid for purchases or services on the Internet with a card, then everything will be familiar. Even if you have not used cards online, do not worry. Everything should go quickly and without problems. In any case, if you encounter any difficulties, please contact support. In general, the process consists of the following actions:

  • Log in to your account and select the Cashier section.
  • Go to the Deposit / Replenishment tab. Usually there are different tabs listed, select Bank cards.
  • In the window that opens, select the type of card, and then fill in the required data: amount, card number, how long it is valid, and the CVV code.
  • Click on the Pay button and that’s it.

Keep in mind that when a deposit occurs at the casino with a VISA card, the operator receives important data. You give all the information necessary to write off funds. Therefore, never replenish the account if you are not sure of the reliability of the institution. And if it is believed that money from credit cards can still be returned, then with debit cards it will be much more difficult. Indeed, in the first case, the bank gives you a loan and does not want to risk the fact that you do not pay it. And in the second case, your money was spent, and the bank is not interested in returning it. In theory, the funds are credited to the casino account via VISA cards instantly, and you will immediately receive a payment notification, but this is not always the case. Read player reviews. For some of the establishments, players regularly complain that funds are credited with a delay.

Each casino indicates certain conditions for replenishing the gaming account and transferring winnings to the client’s account.

First of all, the club has the right to request documents proving the identity of the player. In some cases, you also need to send a scan copy of the card with the name of the owner. Gambling establishments do not accept payments from cards that do not belong to the player.

Many gaming clubs set minimum amounts for depositing and withdrawing money.

How to Make a Withdrawal from VISA Casino

Casino transfers the money won to the same card that was used to replenish. If in the application you indicate the details of another card, most likely, the transaction will be rejected.

Also, in order to withdraw money, some gambling establishments require you to wager all accrued bonuses.

There is another condition for transferring money from the game to the client’s personal account – a fully filled-in player profile in your account. To enter money into the game, entering information about yourself is not necessary.

At the casino you can pay both credit and debit with VISA cards. Therefore, the question will only be which option is best for you. Credit cards are not recommended for those players who cannot always control their game. After all, you can spend too much, and debit cards will not allow this. Spend the maximum that is on the card. In order not to lose more than the permissible, just do not replenish it beyond the norm. Keep in mind that banks are more careful with credit cards. If in certain cases they miss a debit card payment, they can block the same transaction with a credit card. This is due to the fact that every time you make any payment with a credit card, the bank gives you a loan, and it does not want risky expenses. In general, it can be regarded as such that sometimes financial organizations refuse to lend to you for gambling entertainment.

Advantages of VISA Casino Deposits

Users prefer to pay with a VISA card because the payment system has a number of important advantages:

  • Security of financial transactions both during deposit and withdrawal of money.
  • Instant crediting of funds to the game account.
  • Relatively quick transfer of winnings.
  • Preservation of complete confidentiality of customers.

Favorable offers from the casino in the form of bonuses when replenishing a deposit.

Clients do not need to register and create an electronic wallet. Just enter the card number, name of the holder and the three-digit number CCV2. If you attach the card number to your account, there will be no more problems with how to withdraw money.

Disadvantages of VISA Casino Deposits

Of the shortcomings, users note only the commission for a financial transaction through a card. The size of the commission depends on the banking structure that issued the card – some banks do not charge it at all. If you are planning to pay the bill with a VISA credit card, the bank will additionally deduct up to 5% of the transfer amount from the account.

If you are going to open a dollar account and put rubles into it, you will have to pay a conversion fee. The difference is noticeable if you replenish the account not in dollars, but, for example, in euros. Here you will encounter a double conversion fee, because the main currency of the VISA is dollars.

Well, one more minus is the complete lack of anonymity. All your operations will be recorded on your face. This means that you can’t play in casinos that are prohibited in your country but allowed in others.

Online Casinos with VISA & Their Features

VISA Mobile Casino Sites

Today, modern technology has changed the life of every person, everything has become much simpler and more convenient. The same changes affected the gaming industry, especially gambling and casinos. Now, to play on your favorite devices, you do not even need to leave the house. To play, you will need a computer with Internet access or just a mobile phone. At any time, you can take your smartphone, VISA card and spend your free time with benefit and pleasure. Such a mobile version of the casino is in many gaming sites, the main thing is to make the right choice in favor of a profitable and safe gaming platform.

On the Internet, you can find many casinos that accept VISA with a version for mobile devices. But in this assortment it is easy to get confused and choose completely not what I would like. After all, not all projects work honestly and stably. Therefore, you need to choose a mobile casino for real money, which has a license and high-quality software. Before you start betting, you need to familiarize yourself with the features and rules of the selected site. You also need to check the availability of a license, usually information about this is in the “About Us” section. And to make sure even more, you can read the reviews of real players.

Only after that you can start registration on the site and download the shortened version of the club. Typically, several applications are available for download, so the software must be selected carefully. For example, a game club may offer an application for phones running Android, Windows Mobile, iOS, iPhone. Therefore, you need to know which OS the phone is running on, and based on this, select a program.

VISA Live Casino Sites

The main feature of a live casino is the possibility of real communication with players in real time. Agree, it’s more pleasant to have a dialogue with someone whose emotions you see on the screen ?! Especially when you are driven by excitement and common interests!

In addition, through such communication, each client will be able to personally verify the transparent operation of the casino and the honesty of all financial transactions. Indeed, today in most slot machines a game for real money is available.

Additionally, players have the opportunity to play against their friends and other participants in gambling, to monitor the development of events on the screen of their own computer. And if you like to play in live casinos from a tablet or smartphone – use the version for Android or Apple devices, after installing the application on the gadget.

Choosing a live casino, each player receives a guarantee that the dealer does not play a double game. All the drawn numbers are broadcast on the monitor screen, which excludes the possibility of using special programs for generating random numbers based on fraudulent schemes.

When playing in a live casino, a participant can be extremely focused on what is happening, without being distracted by other tables, as in a similar institution in real life. The game room has a beautiful design, and pleasant music helps you relax faster and fully surrender to the game process.

The Benefits of Playing In VISA Casinos

To make the casino game more profitable, almost all online casinos that accept VISA offer new players bonuses on first deposits. Sometimes the first deposit bonus can reach 200%, which can be spent on your favorite games, thereby increasing the chances of winning. We recommend that before taking bonuses, look at the conditions for wagering. Undoubtedly, when choosing a casino for a permanent game, it is worth paying attention to the availability of reload bonuses that allow you to get additional money for repeated deposits.

To ensure the security of the client’s money VISA uses several methods:

  • CVV2 code;
  • Customer’s signature;
  • Individual number;
  • Equipping cards with additional protection methods that are not noticeable to humans.

Another way – Verified by VISA – a service for those who use cards to pay online. If you connect such a service, payment on unverified resources will fail.


How much does VISA cost?

The cost of a VISA card is not more than 10 dollars per year. You can order a card from any bank in your city. All bank branches have them. The card itself is free, but in order to use it, you must pay monthly and annual fees. For the simplest card, they do not exceed $ 10.

Do mobile casinos accept VISA?

Of course. Almost all mobile casinos correspond to the functionality of the full version. Therefore, if the casino has a payment method through VISA, then the mobile version corresponds to this. You can quickly fund your account. To do this, enter the card details and confirm the payment through Verified by VISA.

VISA or MasterCard?

If you look at the issue from a technical point of view, you will not notice the difference. The speed of payments, the level of card security and the level of service are almost the same. What is the difference? VISA and MasterCard differ in the following points:

  1. Conversion of funds when paying in a currency other than yours.
  2. The level of service when using cards of various “levels”.
  3. The presence of certain shares from partner banks of payment systems.

For casinos, these differences are not significant, so use a card that is more convenient for you.

Can I trust VISA casino with my personal information?

A VISA is considered as the safest method of paying for online purchases, including in a casino. This is a global company that uses the latest data encryption methods. The most modern authentication methods are used. Without your knowledge, the data will not be lost and will not be stolen.

Will I receive any bonus by depositing with VISA?

One of the most common payment methods and withdrawals from casinos are VISA cards. If you choose this method, then without any problems you will choose a suitable institution for yourself and you will be awarded bonuses at a casino with VISA. All casino bonuses are issued to players who use VISA.

Do I have to pay additional fees?

No fees when paying with a VISA at a casino will not be charged to you. There are exceptions only to illegal UK casinos. You will pay box office fees only if you transfer money from one currency to another. Learn about the terms of currency conversion on the VISA website.

Who accepts VISA?

All online casinos accept a VISA without exception. This is the most common and popular payment method in the world. Therefore, when choosing a casino you should have no problems with replenishment. However, in some new casinos that operate on cryptocurrency, there is no such payment method. Therefore, it is worth registering to check the availability of the VISA payment method.