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Why Casinos Get Blacklisted

There are honest players in any business, and there are those who are trying to use workarounds to achieve their goals. Instead of fair competition, they are looking for loopholes in generally accepted rules; many do not disdain frank fraud and deception of their customers. They do not have the goal of creating a reputation and leading their brand leaders. The main task is to earn as much as possible in a short time.

This blacklist includes those casinos that have been spotted in dishonest work. Below we will dwell on exactly what tricks unfair casinos use.

Lack of license or false credentials

When a person sees a phrase saying that the work of a casino is regulated, for example, by the Maltese regulator, this instils confidence in him on a subconscious level. Everything seems to be serious here and cheating is out of the question.

Fraudsters do not disdain falsification of licenses. Moreover, they are not particularly inventive. They simply write that a license has been obtained, for example, in Curacao or Malta and indicate a fictitious number. It’s not always possible to check on the site of the regulator whether the gambling establishment has really received a license, so be careful. Casinos from the list above convince us that they have a license, although most often this is not so.

Other regulators, for example, Maltese, English, Gibraltar, Alderney and several others, can check for a license. A small instruction on how to do this:

  • On the casino website we are looking for information about who is the regulator. This is usually written at the bottom of the page in small print. In the lower-left corner it is written that the work of SlotsMillion is licensed by the British, Maltese and Dutch regulators;
  • Now we go directly to the website of the regulator and enter the name of the casino. In the search results, we get information on the company that owns SlotsMillion. In our case, this is Alea Gaming Limited;
  • Click on View and see information on the company owner.

As you can see, the license is valid, in addition to SlotsMillion, 2 more domains and are registered. In the same way, we check for the rest of the regulators declared on the website.

Another trick by fraudsters is to work under a name similar to a well-known brand. For example, the same SlotsMillion is taken, but they change one letter in the name, we get something like Information on licenses is copied and players suspecting nothing fall for the bait.

Not paying players

Non-payment of the won. For encouragement and bait, you can be allowed to win, and with good amounts. But what is the use of this if you are not going to display them to you. You can deal with technical support ad infinitum, they can even answer you, imitating real proceedings in a situation. But all this ends sadly – you will not see money.

Often various ratings are introduced, tournaments are held. All this is adjusted and made so to stimulate money players to invest even more. Imagine, you are in 5th place and to enter the top three there are very few lefts. Most likely you will replenish the account and continue to play. But shortly before the end of the tournament, as if by magic, your rivals (which really does not exist) bypass you, and you are left with nothing.

Poor management team

Checking this element of a bad casino is easy. To do this, just visit the casino support chat. Write to the operator the most any question. For example, ask the simplest question about how much more you need to wait for the withdrawal of funds. A bad casino does not monitor support, and as a result, they respond very rudely, or do not answer at all. If you fall for a rude operator, then it is better not to play in this casino.

Unfair games

The key requirement in gaming software is that the casino administration should not be able to adjust the percentage of return. And only software from leading developers can guarantee this.

Imagine a game with a percentage return of about 95%. This percentage indicates how much money will remain in your account after a long game. With an increase in the number of bets, you will come closer to the declared RTP.

For example, your deposit is equal to 1 million minimum bets. If you constantly play and make a million bets, then approximately 95% of the initial capital should remain in the account.

Software developers value their reputation, so there are no pitfalls. In addition, when issuing a license, regulators check the percentage of return. Game software providers must also have a license of their own.

Unauthorized software

Such a scheme does not work for fraudsters. Their goal is to earn the maximum amount of money in a short time. If their machines issued a percentage return of 90-95%, they would not have earned much. Therefore, the choice is made in favour of fakes or their own scripts.

In fact, such a game may look very similar to what game software developers offer. But appearance is just a sign; it is not known by what laws this game works. If the administration wants, it can unscrew the percentage of return at least to zero. They will not be anything for it, and the players will only think that today was not their day.

Outwardly, such software can not be distinguished from licensed software. That is why you should not mess with unfamiliar casinos. If a newcomer gets to such a site, he probably will not notice the catch.

Misleading bonus offers

Bonuses are another way to lure players to fraudulent sites. Typically, these casinos offer bonuses of 500% for the first replenishment. Agree that the amount is very small. After registration, the player really receives this bonus and begins to play. Only now, most likely, he will either just lose all this or the casino will find a reason not to pay the player his money. Remember that the biggest bonuses are offered only by blacklisted casinos. Be careful. Be sure to read our blacklist to know which casinos cannot be registered.

Marketing infractions

Cheating players is done in many ways. Some casinos may buy databases of other casinos or generally any databases with potential customers. Then spam is sent to them with attractive offers. Fraudsters can offer any bonuses, because they will not need to think about risks and fulfilment of obligations. They will simply refuse payouts or prevent players from winning. Therefore, in their advertisements, they try to attract attention with generous bonuses or some incredible promotions.

It is often when such casinos spend huge budgets on commercials. This is the strategy of many blacklisted casinos. Sometimes they may even shot quite famous people from TV and cinema.

Another way to attract players is via social networks. Many people know how scam casino contractors lure gamblers through the telegram application. They offer ways to hack into a casino or in some other way deceive the operator. Allegedly, there are some secret schemes. In fact, it’s so easy to recruit naive people and send them to register in fraudulent casinos to look for happiness with useless schemes or hacking methods.

Weak privacy & security

Fear that important data can be stolen if provided to the casino is the most common fear among beginners. And it’s not in vain.

Identity theft is when your data is stolen and then used for some purpose. For example, they take loans in your name and hide, or buy something with your credit cards. Sometimes victims complain that the money was used to play in an online casino. However, often casino cases are not true. Thus, losing players just want to get their money back. In illegal casinos there is no guarantee of the security of your data. Your billing information can be easily stolen by scammers.

Customer service

The support service does not work well in fraudulent casinos. The answer may come after a few weeks or not at all. In some establishments, even the contact button with the administration cannot be found.

Unfortunately, the modern gambling industry is full of fraudulent casinos. Such institutions need the fastest possible result. The movement of money should occur only in one direction – from the player to the virtual club.


What is a blacklisted site?

Some gambling establishments, taking advantage of the gullibility of players, encourage them to deposit large amounts, luring attractive bonus offers, which in reality turn out to be invalid for withdrawal. These are the very sites from the blacklist.

What if I have already signed up?

Unfortunately, you can’t delete your account. If you used billing information, it is better to change passwords and login. You are not recommended to visit this site anymore.

Can I get my money back?

If you played in a casino from the blacklist, then most likely it does not have a license. And if you played in a casino without a license in the UK, then you won’t be able to challenge the theft of money. Therefore, it will be very difficult or even impossible to return your money.