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Get up to:
€200/40mBTC +50 Spins
Welcome Bonus. Minimum Deposit €20. Wagering requirements 35x(d+b). Maximum Bonus Amount 200%. Bonus Value €200
5.0 rating
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€100 +25 Spins
Welcome Bonus. Minimum Deposit €10. Wagering requirements 60xb. Maximum Bonus Amount 100%. Bonus Value €100
5.0 rating
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€50 +20 Spins
Welcome Bonus. Minimum Deposit €10. Wagering requirements 40xb. Maximum Bonus Amount 100%. Bonus Value €50
5.0 rating
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€100 +100 Spins
Welcome Bonus. Minimum Deposit €20. Wagering requirements 50xb. Maximum Bonus Amount 100%. Bonus Value €100
3 games
5.0 rating
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€300 +20 Spins
Welcome Bonus. Minimum Deposit €10. Wagering requirements 30x(d+b). Maximum Bonus Amount 100%. Bonus Value €300
3 games
5.0 rating
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Reload Bonus. Minimum Deposit €20. Wagering requirements 40x(d+b). Maximum Bonus Amount 50%. Bonus Value €300
3 games
5.0 rating
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$/€ 500 +10 Spins
Welcome Bonus. Minimum Deposit €10. Wagering requirements 50xb. Maximum Bonus Amount 100%. Bonus Value €500
3 games
4.8 rating
Get up to:
€100 +100 Spins
Welcome Bonus. Minimum Deposit €20. Wagering requirements 50xb. Maximum Bonus Amount 100%. Bonus Value €100
3 games
4.8 rating
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£100 +10% CashBack
Welcome Bonus. Minimum Deposit £20. Wagering requirements 35x. Maximum Bonus Amount 100%. Bonus Value £100
4.8 rating
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€150 +60 Spins
Welcome Bonus. Minimum Deposit €20. Wagering requirements 50xb. Maximum Bonus Amount 100%. Bonus Value €150
4.8 rating
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€300 +30 Spins
Welcome Bonus. Minimum Deposit €10. Wagering requirements 35xb. Maximum Bonus Amount 100%. Bonus Value €300
4.5 rating
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Welcome Bonus. Minimum Deposit €10. Wagering requirements 35x(d+b). Maximum Bonus Amount 200%. Bonus Value €100
4.3 rating
Get up to:
Welcome Bonus. Minimum Deposit €10. Wagering requirements 50xb. Maximum Bonus Amount 100%. Bonus Value €300
6 games
4.3 rating
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High Roller Bonus. Minimum Deposit $100. Wagering requirements 35x(d+b). Maximum Bonus Amount 111%. Bonus Value $1000
4.0 rating
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Welcome Bonus. Minimum Deposit €25. Maximum Bonus Amount 100%. Bonus Value €500
3 games
4.0 rating
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€200 +600 Spins
Welcome Bonus. Minimum Deposit €10. Wagering requirements 35xb. Maximum Bonus Amount 100%. Bonus Value €200
4.0 rating
Get up to:
£100 +25 Spins
Welcome Bonus. Minimum Deposit £20. Wagering requirements 35x(d+b). Maximum Bonus Amount 100%. Bonus Value £100
4.0 rating
Bonus up to:
€100 + 50 Spins
Welcome Bonus. Minimum Deposit €10. Wagering requirements 35xb. Maximum Bonus Amount 200%. Bonus Value €100
3.8 rating
Get up to:
€300 +20 Spins
Welcome Bonus. Minimum Deposit €10. Wagering requirements 30x(d+b). Maximum Bonus Amount 100%. Bonus Value €300
5 games
3.8 rating

What is a Live Dealer Casino?

For each of us, a gambling club is an institution with a stylish, a unique atmosphere and, of course, charming croupiers handing out cards and winnings. Undoubtedly, this is what gambling sites lack. More precisely, lacked until recently.

Now you can visit the live casino without leaving your home! All thanks to the progress of the Internet and the ever-growing capabilities of the network.  We’re talking about the latest feature that only top online casinos can provide – live gambling with real dealers.

While live casino sites are only gaining popularity, you should not rely on a special variety. This largely depends on the difficult preparation, and the speed of the Internet. Unfortunately, even now the Internet and its speed are not equally stable everywhere.

And yet, wouldn’t it be nice to go beyond board games, and install a video camera in front of a real machine, and next to it – a beauty who will hand out game cards? It would only be necessary to choose the bet and what could be better? But still, such a number of girls, video cameras and machines, which would correspond to the number of online players and their appetites, no casino can find. So while you have to have fun games in which one dealer has an unlimited number of players.

Almost all online casinos can afford such a high-tech live function. But those who do offer such a chip are undoubtedly worthy of careful consideration.

How Do Live Casinos Work?

The popularity of live dealer casino sites is growing every day. Almost all major online casinos provide the opportunity to play with a live dealer. The choice of games is wide: roulette, blackjack, poker, craps, baccarat, etc.

The principle of operation of live casino is as follows: in special rooms set webcams and the necessary equipment for the game. The croupier conducts the game, which the cameras broadcast live to all users of the online casino. Thus, the whole game you have “in the palm of your hand”, you can use all the cameras, switch images and choose the most convenient angle. In addition, special sensors built into all equipment control the integrity of the game. All information from the sensors is processed by the server, according to which the result of the distribution is calculated. In General, visiting and playing live casino brings great pleasure to it’s guests, because they almost play in a real casino in a comfortable home environment.

Live Casino Game Providers

Casino with live dealers is one of the most popular ways to have fun in the company of beautiful girls and get a win as a nice bonus. This is the familiar atmosphere of a land-based gambling establishment, the possibility of dialogue with the croupier and watching the game play on the adjacent tables.

Live games combine advanced technologies and innovative solutions. They are in demand among gamblers, so they should definitely be in your casino.

Recently, a huge number of companies produce games with live dealers.

Evolution Gaming games have a simple and intuitive interface and a wide range of auxiliary functionality.

During the game, you can communicate with the dealer and other players at the table using the integrated live chat. You can also get expert help from the staff by contacting the game support chat. Evolution has been operating since 2006 and has been repeatedly awarded prestigious awards for innovation in the industry. The products consist of a variety of table games and unique gambling live shows with live croupiers. This allows operators to provide their visitors to play and watch the game in real time, which creates an atmosphere similar to offline institution.

They have such games:

  • Roulette.
  • BlackJack.
  • Lightning Dice.
  • Deal or No Deal Live.
  • Dream Catcher.
  • Monopoly Live.
  • Super Baccarat Sic Bo.
  • Dragon Tiger.
  • Football Studio.
  • Casino Hold’em.
  • Hand Casino Hold’em.
  • Caribbean Stud Poker.
  • Three Card Poker.
  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em and Texas Hold’em Bonus.
  • Side Bet City.
  • First Person.

The company has its own personal Academy where live casino employees are trained. The number of croupiers in the company is more than 500 people who speak different languages. Note the pleasant appearance of dealers. In addition to the croupier, a pit Boss is assigned to each game table, he additionally controls the work of the staff.

In order that the croupiers were always in a great mood and could please the players, they are offered comfortable conditions for recreation, a gym, sauna, dressing rooms and recreation areas.

There are other companies, but the best live online casino use this software.

Depositing & Withdrawing

Often in live casino the minimum deposit is set from $5. You can withdraw funds starting from $10. Live casinos cooperate with all popular payment systems: Neteller, Eutelle, Entropay, eKonto, UKash, MasterCard, TeleIngreso, SpeedCard, Clic2Pay, Moneybookers, BankTransfer, Visa, Skrill.

Pros of Live Casino

Of course, Live casinos have a number of advantages:

  1. Transparency of the game. Playing in real time before your eyes makes it as transparent and honest as possible. Also, the live game is more profitable for players, because they are opposed to probability theory, not a random number generator. Therefore, the chances that luck will smile on you, much more.
  2. It is easier to focus on the game. When visiting a real casino it is very difficult to focus your attention on the game, because there are a lot of people around, gaming tables, machines and lights. But in Live casino you will not be distracted by anything: there is only you and the game table.
  3. Self-confidence to a greater extent. Most players in online casinos behave more confident and relaxed, because no one watches them and does not evaluate their appearance, behavior and statements.
  4. Play with an attractive dealer. Often dealers in live casino are attractive girls. Moreover, you can choose the dealer after watching the video presentation. You even change the dealer during the game.
  5. Ability to communicate with other players in live chat.

Cons of Live Casino

Disadvantages of live dealers it is possible to allocate:

  1. Not live communication. Unfortunately in most casinos you will be able to communicate only through a special chat with the dealer. Because of this, communication is not so lively and complete.
  2. Atmosphere. You do not feel the chips with your hands.
  3. Big limits. For players with a small pot, this is a problem. For example, to play Blackjack, you need to bet at least $ 10 at a time.

Live Dealer Casinos vs Regular Casinos Online

There is always a casino customer who was not satisfied with the game in real time for some reason, but most gamblers speak about the best live dealer casino quite positively: they note its honesty and fun gameplay. It is almost impossible to find flaws in live casino, because it gives a sense of real presence and play, and gives the opportunity to get the most pleasant experience.

But for some players, it doesn’t feel good. So as all same insufficient the atmosphere can affect this. In addition, small limits are inconvenient for some players. Yet best live casino sites are trying to remedy this situation by introducing voice chat.

Mobile Live Casino

It is not always possible to play with a PC. Then come to the rescue online casino with a mobile version or mobile casino applications. The smartphone is always at hand, so there will be no failure if you want to spin the slots. You can play not only at work, but also on the way to the same job or for example on a trip. Mobile versions are essentially no different from their desktop counterparts, except that a slightly more simplified design. And you can also play with your phone or tablet for real money. In most places you can play from your smartphone directly in the browser, and some institutions have their own mobile application that can be downloaded to your device and live dealers will always be at hand.

Almost all live dealer providers optimize their games for mobile devices. It is very cool when you are on the phone can play your favorite games at any time. But you need to search for the best live mobile casino responsibly. Read our live dealer casino reviews to be aware of what games will be available on your smartphone in the live games section.

Live Dealer Casino Games


Classic blackjack for money in live casino gives you the opportunity to regularly win quite a lot of money, as the win depends on the bets.

Internet sites offering online play with real dealers are equipped with special software that allows you to pay money to the winners. That is, despite the realism of what is happening, financial transactions are performed taking into account the results of the game, but without the participation of the croupier.

In addition, most of the best live dealer online casinos have provided for the use of several currencies by players to carry out transactions.

Therefore, an increasing number of fans of gambling entertainments from our country prefer to play blackjack at UK live dealer casinos, which makes it possible to quickly replenish the game account or withdraw funds, without paying fees for the exchange of banknotes at the current rate.

One of the obvious advantages of playing for money in live casino is the ability to continue the game if there was a network failure or the connection was interrupted due to the fault of the provider. The player retains the right to:

  • start the game from the stage when the crash occurred,
  • use previous bid,
  • play with the same cards on hand.


The main goal of the game is to collect a combination of cards that will be equal to nine points or close to this value.

The number of points that each card brings is calculated in the following way:

  • The card “ACE” is worth one point.
  • Cards from “Two” to “Nine” have an actual numerical value. That is, the card “Five” will bring five points, the card with the value “Nine” will bring nine points.
  • Cards with the image: “Ladies”, “Jack”, “King” and “Ten”, bring zero points.

At the beginning of the game, the dealer and the player are dealt two cards. If the amount of cards received by the player is equal to or exceeds ten, then ten is deducted from this amount. Example: the Player has received cards of “Eight” and “Three”, therefore, the sum of points is 11. According to the rules of the game, 10 is deducted from this amount. The player’s total score is one. Similarly, the number of dealer points is calculated.

Each of the participants of the game can get no more than three cards. The issue of the third card is not always carried out, but only according to the rule of the “Third card”.

Dealing the third card to the player:

If the number of points of the player is “zero” or “five”, the third card is dealt to him. If the number of points of the player is higher than “five” the third card is not issued.

Dealing the third card to the dealer:

If the dealer’s score is zero or four, he is dealt the third card. If the number of points exceeds “five”, the dealer independently decides whether the third card will be dealt to him or not, based on the number of points the player has.

The game is won by the one who will have the number of points equal to “nine” or close to this value. The game can be a draw.

In the modern version of the game, you need to guess who will win the Player or Dealer. Bets in the game may be placed on the following events:

  • The player wins, the win is paid 1 to 1.
  • The victory of the dealer, the win is paid 1 to 1.
  • Draw, the win is paid 8 to 1 (depending on the rules of the institution, the payout can be 9 to 1).
  • The player at the time of distribution will be given cards of the same value (pair), the prize is paid 11 to 1.
  • The dealer at the time of distribution will be given cards of the same value (pair), the winnings are paid 11 to 1.


Online roulette with a live dealer very accurately determines the atmosphere, allows you to feel the rhythm of this casino. You do not just feel the risk, excitement, but also participate in the process of throwing the ball, stopping it. This is a special feeling that can not be confused with anything.

Want to play live roulette online? To do this, stay at home in a cozy atmosphere and connect to the real game on the Internet. You can always sign up and give it a try. Make a first deposit for a large amount, if you are not sure, it is not necessary. Play, feel the atmosphere, rates the game and, if necessary, repeat the deposit. Traditionally, casinos offer newcomers a lot of welcome bonuses that will make the game even more enjoyable.

Online roulette in live mode has an advantage in comparison with a real casino in that you have access to digital statistics, and the croupier is not distracted by strangers, sounds, etc. he knows his business, comments on his every move and bets, throws the ball. So all errors are minimized.

You can play live roulette using not only your own experience, but also records and tips. No one sees you, so you can use any means to get your reward.

A live croupier in a special equipped game Studio spins the roulette wheel on a real table and announces the result. You place bets at the table like other players. Traditionally, live casino and live roulette are available permanently in top UK live casinos, every week for 7 days.


The live dealer poker game is gaining in popularity among players who do not trust random number generators. Thanks to a real person who deals with the distribution of cards, users are more involved in the gambling process. Especially for our readers, we have compiled a rating of licensed casinos with live dealers, where you can play poker without worrying about the safety of the platform and the honesty of payment of winnings.

Playing poker with a live dealer does not cause any problems for beginners and experienced users. It is enough to find a suitable table, familiarize yourself with the rules of winning combinations, and then proceed to entertainment for money. The most popular types of poker are such as Live Caribbean Stud Poker – a game against the dealer in a five-card hand, Casino Hold’em-consists of five open cards and two closed, and Live Pai Grow-a Joker is used, which can replace the ACE.

Dream Catcher

The game uses a huge wheel mounted vertically, and which has 54 colored segments. 52 of these segments contain numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. There are also two sectors with multipliers x2 and X7. Players bet by guessing at which number they think the wheel will stop. The game is broadcast in HD quality from a specialized Studio in Riga. Cameras at numerous angles and close-up shots help to create a mood and exciting gaming atmosphere. The Studio is designed in the style of a game show with bright colors, twinkling lights and percussive sound effects. Leading are dealers full of enthusiasm and energy. They keep the mood high by communicating with players during the game.

Texas Hold’em

Poker bets deserve special attention. This is a special kind of game, when two cards are dealt to the table in the hands of users, and in an open form, and then five main cards are opened in turn. All casino customers can see the cards as well as the odds for betting on the winning hand. The point is to guess the winning pair. Bets can be placed before the start of the game, as well as during the distribution. Some clubs allow you to predict the winner, while others supplement the functionality with winning combinations. For example, you can bet on winning with a high card, pair, street and other outcomes.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo uses three hexagon dice with different number of points and a table with special markings for numerous types of bets. The aim of the game is to guess which combination will fall on the dice. The client can make one or more bets, combining them at his discretion. Bets are paid at different odds, and they have certain levels of theoretical return.


Six-sided dice with dots on their sides in the amount of one to six are used in several gambling games found in casinos. The most popular of them is craps. It is very popular in gambling establishments of the USA and some other countries, and is also widely offered in large online casinos.

Craps attracts customers with an exciting game play in which visitors can only bet, but also can not roll the dice. This means they can’t try to influence the outcome of the round.

How to Choose a Live Casino


Everyone knows that the draw in an online casino is made by a random number generator. Many players are suspicious of the RNG and believe that they can adapt to the strategy of the player and give the opposite results. In UK online casino live dealer this possibility is excluded. After all, the results of the game are simultaneously broadcast to a large number of players, so it is impossible to adapt to their strategy.

However, the organization of a live casino is quite an expensive business, given the cost of equipment, premises and staff remuneration. Therefore, live casinos are only available in large online establishments that have worked on their reputation for many years and that are not interested in cheating for easy profit.

Moreover, if a player doubts the reality of a live game in a live casino, he can ask the croupier to make some sign (turn his head, nod). You can also go to the same game from different accounts to check the identity of the results.

Selection of Games

An important aspect when choosing top live dealer casinos. Choose a casino that will feature a variety of live dealer games. Sooner or later one game will get bored and you will want to play new ones. You can find out about the availability of casino games in live dealer casino review on our website.

Quality of Video Streams

Regardless of whether it is a live casino, or a regular gambling site, but it must function without the slightest failures, the interface must be convenient. Characteristics of poor quality of the site can be inconvenient settings, hang pictures, if there is no chat window where you can communicate with the dealer and other users. Such institutions are likely to be unscrupulous, and invest money on such sites, it is not necessary.

Dedicated Tables

Every casino that has live dealers must have special tables. They are subject to special rules. Perhaps on such tables will sit dealers who will understand your language and you will be able to communicate freely. This is very important when choosing top live dealer casinos.

Multiple Language Availability

Language – it Is always more comfortable to play with a dealer speaking a language you know well. Remember that many casinos have regional studios aimed at residents of certain countries. Make your choice based on this factor.

Live Chat Options

You can talk to the dealer, chat with other players, and think about making decisions. This adds an extra atmosphere to live dealers. But some casinos do not support this feature of communication. This is very important.


What’s the etiquette in live casinos?

The rules of etiquette require certain behavior from players. If compliments and even a slight flirtation to the dealers are allowed, then rough treatment is punishable. If you are going to criticize roughly a dealer, then you can permanently lock in live dealers.

Are the games rigged?

Honest live casinos give players the opportunity to watch the work of the croupier from several cameras and angles to control the process. The picture must be distinguished by high expansion and clarity, if the proposed casino has only a camera. Decks of cards are mixed in front of your eyes, so it is impossible to deceive you.

What type of games is featured at a live casino?

The online casino has several options for playing with the dealer: roulette, blackjack, poker, craps, baccarat. In live often play: Caribbean and Texas poker; American, European and French roulette; American baccarat, mini-baccarat; blackjack switch, single-deck blackjack; Sik Bo, Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live and others.

Do I need special software to play live dealer games?

No, the whole game takes place in the browser. You only need to have a good Internet connection to start playing live dealers.