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Welcome Bonus: £40 +£10 bonus! Minimum deposit: £10. Wagering requirements: Sportsbook 3x at min. odds of 1.40 (2/5). Expiration: 7 days
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Welcome Bonus: 100% deposit bonus up to £50. TONY50 bonus code. 10x wagering on odds of 1.65+. Expiration: 30 days
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Welcome Bonus: Bonus amount is 50% of deposit up to £100. Minimum deposit: £15. 6x deposit and bonus turnover. Expiration: 30 days
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Welcome Bonus: Money back as bonus. Minimum deposit: £10. Wagering requirements: Sportsbook 3x at min. odds of 1.40 (2/5), Casino 25x
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Welcome Bonus: £25 for £25 bonus. Minimum deposit of £10 with the OPENODDS bonus code. Expiration: 30 days from registration
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Welcome Bonus: 100% up to £10. Minimum deposit: £10. Place a sports bet at min Odds 1/1 (2.0). Expiration: 7 days

What Is An Online Bookmaker?

The bookmaker is an organization that specializes in accepting bets. Bets are often accepted on sporting events, although there are exceptions. For example, many modern online betting sites can publish a line on the results of political elections, the results of various awards or competitions (Oscars, Grammys, Eurovision) and even the weather.

Sports betting sites in UK today work both in the classic format and online. In the first case, to place a bet, you need to visit a special reception point. It can be found in almost any city. Betting companies open offices everywhere. As for online betting sites in UK, to work with them it is enough to visit the site of the office and create an account. Deposit / withdrawal of funds, as well as acceptance of bets, is carried out remotely.

Today, a huge number of betting online companies work on the network. On the Pro-gamble portal you will find information about most of them. Visitors are available reviews, player comments and expert opinions.

How Do We Choose The Best Online UK Bookmakers

Are you afraid that the first experience in sports betting will end in lost money due to scam bookmakers? It is possible. But if you are aware of what to look for when choosing online sports betting companies, then with a high probability you will never encounter cheating at betting sites UK.

Knowing how to choose a bookmaker is especially important for a beginner. So let’s figure it out.


The most important factor, universal for all categories of players, is the reliability of the bookmaker. We do not play for candy wrappers, but for our hard-earned money. And only trusted companies should trust them.

Pay attention to the age and reputation of the office. If the betting company has been around for a long time, this usually means that it has managed to stand on its feet and is reliable. The good reputation of legit online betting sites in betting communities also speaks in favor of its reliability. These two factors should be considered in conjunction. The fact that you often heard the name of the office does not mean that it is reliable as a Swiss bank. Perhaps this is a one-day office, which was spent on advertising on social networks and sites with online movies – but you can’t blindly believe in any case.

Always check the sportsbook license! At reliable bookmakers on the site you will always find comprehensive legal information, namely the name of the licensing authority and license number. Most often there is also a link to the license page on the license’s website, where contacts should also be indicated by which you can complain to the bookmaker if necessary.

But remember: Pro – gamble has already done this work for you. A good rating in our rating is possible only for offices of the highest level of reliability with a proven license, and a rating of 5 – only for legal in UK sports betting online.


Best online betting companies must be constantly updated. Both software and current results and statistics. If you are a player who likes to bet on Live, then this is paramount for you. Do you want to bet now, but the bookmaker doesn’t allow this? So such a sportbook is not suitable for you.

The list of all UK betting sites on our website has detailed information about line updates and rate of acceptance of a bet.

Customer Satisfaction

See other player reviews and our ratings in the online sports betting reviews section. The best betting sites UK with ratings of 5 and 4. A rating of 3 points is not yet a sentence for a bookmaker. All offices get here when they are added to the rating, and subsequently the rating is specified. Nevertheless, these companies should be treated with caution: their reliability is either insufficient or we have little information about them.

Friendly Terms & Conditions

First of all, you need to study all the rules in the bookmaker. Let’s say that they are all different. The rules for accepting bets, paying and returning these bets differ. It is important to consider and know this before registering for online sports betting UK.

Transaction Methods

The currency of the account, the number of deposit and withdrawal methods, the speed of payments, the commission – this is extremely important. Opening an account is better in the currency that you use in everyday life and in which you have a card. Otherwise, you will constantly lose money on currency conversion. The bookmaker should like you very much so that you close your eyes to this advice. Make sure online gambling sites that accept credit cards. Most bookmakers now have no problems with the number of payment methods, but your favorite may not be on the list of 30 payments, and this will largely erase the other advantages of this office.

Keep in mind that you will pay a commission for the withdrawal of funds from the payment system. Therefore, carefully study the conditions of payment systems convenient for you.

The speed of withdrawal of money is another important factor, but too much attention is paid to it. Many equally reliable offices have decent discrepancies in this parameter. Many are surprised when payment comes from the “A” office in a minute, and the “B” office until this year has been withdrawing funds for several days in a row. Those who have moved from office to office in the opposite direction begin to write angry letters to the support team after 30 minutes of waiting for the payment, being sure that they do not want to pay them. In fact, the timing of the withdrawal of funds is indicated in the rules, and it is better to familiarize yourself with them in advance. Of course, it is more pleasant to receive payment a couple of minutes after the order, but this is not the most important factor when choosing an office.

Mobile Betting

Being the lucky owner of a smartphone or tablet, you probably want to bet on your device. But not all sportbooks still have a mobile version or applications. So, before registering, try going to the bookmaker’s site on your mobile and study it for information – usually the site indicates whether this UK online betting website is suitable for Android / iOS / Windows Phone and a regular phone.

You can always find this information on our website in the online sports betting sites reviews section.

Live Betting

This is a special orientation of a certain type of game in special betting organizations in which you can place bets during a certain match.

Having finally decided to put live bets in the bookmaker, you need to decide which sport will be more profitable. The most popular games for earning bets are: football, basketball and tennis. But you need to consider the factor that the game should not only be interesting, but also understandable to the player.

To get a successful final result, you need to bet well and deliberately, and most importantly, do not rush. It is recommended to catch a pre-considered moment, and only then put a live bet. Also, do not forget about the possible risks.

In order for live bets to work in the bookmaker, you need to think well in advance of strategies that will be designed for positive results. It is by fulfilling all the conceived and calculated strategies that one can hope for a win.

It should be borne in mind that it is strictly forbidden to bet two or more times on the same team in bookmakers. The decision of the ban was introduced due to the fact that it is very rare, but almost never won, that a bet cannot be repeated. Therefore, every step in setting bets should be well thought out.

Betting Offers

Often you hear opinions that bookmakers bonuses are a useless and even negative thing, weapons of bookmakers. Such opinions are not fair for all players. They have one reason: the conditions of a particular bonus do not correspond to the usual manner of playing a person.

Bonuses have requirements for the bet, the value of the coefficient, the intensity of the game. If, according to the terms of the bonus, you need to put three expresses within five days, five events each with a coefficient of 1.8 or higher, and you need to set the entire bonus amount, then it is natural that such conditions will not appeal to the player who sets 1 once a week % of your bank by a ratio of 1.25. But this bonus has its own huge target group, which puts such expresses daily, without any bonus rewards, on their money.

When choosing an office with bonuses, make a choice in favor of conditions that suit your style of play, and do not sacrifice reliability for bonuses.

If the bonus does not match your style of play, then it will only force you to make bets that you did not plan to make, and the outcome of such an undertaking is usually sad.

Types of Bets

Single Bet

In sports, a single bet is a bet placed on one event. Its meaning is that it will either happen or not. Among the options are victory with a handicap (welcome bonus), total for the result, victory of a certain team.

There are a lot of options for such single bets, since it is they that allow you to operate with outcomes. Goal scored by the player on whom the bet was placed, the presence of yellow cards and so on.

Bets of this type are good for events where the highest possible coefficient is from 1.6 or more. Of course, you can use a lower indicator, but in this case it is difficult to maintain income stability. If you prefer small, but reliable odds, then choose the express.

Each Way Bet

Each way bet is a combined bet of two or more selections in which losing any choice means losing the entire bet.

For Each Way Bet to win and bring full potential winnings, all selections in it must win. each way bet makes a profit when the bookmaker calculates part of the elections as a return, but at least one wins. In this case, the each way bet coefficient and the gain will be less, because the return makes the selection coefficient equal to 1.0.

Bookmakers have one common limitation on such bets. It is the inability to assemble each way bet from duplicate and related choices. Even if you do it due to a technical error, the rules of the bookmaker allow him to cancel such a bet.

The simplest manifestation of this limitation is that you cannot collect each way bet from bets on the same match.

Of course, to compose each way bet from the same bet that you have chosen twice or more, you will not succeed either.

Similarly, you cannot make each way bet out of bets on reaching the playoffs of teams from the same group in the group tournament. You still will not be able to collect each way bet from the bets on the victory of the team in a separate match and on its way out to the next round of competitions.

Line Bet

A line is a list of bets with odds offered by a bookmaker for a specific event. It includes bets of various types, bets on statistical data and an additional list. Each of the bets will correspond to a certain coefficient, which the bookmaker can change at its discretion. Of course, in all bookmakers the line will have a different look and will not consist of all types of bets. We will consider the line as a whole and tell what rates it can consist of.

The most popular is the bet on net outcomes:

They, in turn, form the line of rates 1X2 and Moneyline (money line). 1X2 is a betting line for three outcomes 1, X and 2, Moneyline is a betting line for two outcomes 1 (P1) and 2 (P2), which is used to a greater extent for sports in which no draw is possible.

Combinations of bets on net outcomes 1X, 12 and 2X form a line with double outcomes or, as it is also called, a double chance (since one bet includes two outcomes).

Spread Bet

Spread betting are long-term types of bets on which lines can change over time. This type of forecasting is in almost all UK betting sites and is called a long-term game. In most cases, sportbooks offer to predict the winner of a tennis tournament, soccer championship or some other competition. At the same time, before its full completion, there may be another month or two. Long-term bets require players to be able to determine the progress of teams for the season as a whole. Let’s say that we need to determine the champion who will remain several rounds. Naturally, the bookmaker will give Chelsea a victory in the season a lower coefficient than his pursuers. But this will only happen if this team does not let anyone in. As soon as she loses points, then the coefficient will be increased. This is how the line in long-term rates changes.

In Play Betting

A live bet is a sports bet during a sporting event. If regular bets are made even before the start of a sporting event, based on the odds in the line, then live bets are placed during of a match. Live bets are good because they make it possible to make a relatively large number of bets in a short period. Another advantage of live betting is quick odds changes. One break in tennis or removal in football can dramatically change the chances. Live bets let you find or create forks. And let the profit from such rates be small, but the gain will be one hundred percent. The simplest example is live bets on a match of approximately equal strength to tennis players. After each served serve, the odds will fall / rise by about one tenth in favor of each of the players in turn, which means that the forecaster has the opportunity to bet on both opponents with odds greater than 2.0

Parlay Bet

The essence of Parlay Bet is simple – this bet, collected from several single ones. Parlay Bet must include at least two events. The outcomes selected by the player are collected in one coupon, the odds are multiplied. A bet will lose if at least one of the selected events is correctly guessed.

Fixed Odds Bet

This is a fixed ratio strategy. The strategy is quite simple, to make a profit, you need to guess the winner in 53% of forecasts made on an equal line.

Exchange Betting

Exchange Betting is a kind of platform for betting between players on sports and other events. In it you can offer a bet yourself – by choosing a specific event, offer your odds and the amount of the bet on a specific outcome (in this case, you sell the bet, so to speak, act as a bookmaker). Or you can agree to the terms of the bet proposed by other players, i.e. buy a bid. Thus, you become a participant in the buying and selling process in a large financial online market, where bets on sports events are used as goods. And the sports betting exchange, in turn, acts as an intermediary, providing players with a service to participate in this kind of bidding. For this, exchanges take up to 5% of the winnings.

Accumulator Bet

Another type of bet, in which the player puts on several events together. Thus, the odds are multiplied, and in case of victory, the player receives a win according to the overall coefficient. Many people like this type of bet, as they can get huge wins.


Is betting legal in the UK?

An online betting sites list in Britain is fully permitted if a player is over 18 years old and plays in a betting site which has the legal right to provide its services and has a license. When registering, you will be asked to confirm your identity by providing documents.

What sites should I avoid?

Avoid sites that do not have a license, take bets for a long time and do not pay players money. You can always familiarize yourself with such sites on our site.

How do I make a deposit?

You can make a deposit from any convenient payment method, if it is allowed at the bookmaker. But also before depositing funds into your account, you will need to confirm your identity.

How quickly can I get my winnings?

It all depends on the online betting sites in which you play. In some, you can get your winnings almost immediately, and in some you will have to wait several hours or days. Read more about payout speed in online sports betting sites reviews.

Are my winnings tax-free?

If you play on a site with an EU / EES license, then tax will not be deducted from you. Any sites that do not have this license pay a tax on winnings, including the player.