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150% up to €150. New players only. Min. deposit €10. WR of 25x(d+b)
100% up to $250. New players only. Min. deposit $20. WR of 50xb
100% up to 15 Free Spins. New players only. Min. deposit no. WR of 35x
100% up to 275 Spins. New players only. Min. deposit $30. WR of 20x)
100% up to 25 Spins on 3rd Deposit. New players only. Min. deposit £10. WR of 30xb
100% up to $300. New players only. Min. deposit $10. WR no
100% up to $/€/£ 12 Registration Bonus. New players only. Min. deposit no. WR of 30x(d+b)
150% up to $200. New players only. Min. deposit $20. WR of 30xb
100% up to $200. New players only. Min. deposit $20. WR of 30xb
150% up to $200. New players only. Min. deposit $20. WR of 30xb
175% up to €200. New players only. Min. deposit €20. WR of 35xb
100% up to €/£/$200. New players only. Min. deposit €20. WR of 30xb
100% up to 7 Free Spins. New players only. Min. deposit no. WR of 60x
100% up to €100 + 100 free spins. New players only. Min. deposit €20. WR of 50xb
150% bonus up to €100 + 100 Free Spins. New players only. Min. deposit €20. WR of 40X
100% bonus up to 10 Free Spins. New players only. Min. deposit no. WR no
100% up to £90. New players only. Min. deposit £10
100% up to £200 + 11 free spins. New players only. Min. deposit £10. 35X wagering
100% up to £300 + 300 Free Spins. New players only. Min. deposit £10. 40X wagering
100% up to £200 + 11 free spins. New players only. MIn. deposit £10. 35X wagering

What are classic slot games?

At the beginning of the development of the online gambling industry, slot machines on the background of modern ones looked rather primitive. Over time, they improved and at the moment, the look that was made in the middle of the last century is considered classic slots.

All the time, mechanisms in gaming machines were refined and improved, programming developed, although outwardly some slot models did not change. Nowadays, they are called classic, in online casinos they are not inferior to modern models of video slots that capture their capabilities. But outwardly the slots are still the same, experienced gamblers recognize them by design and often choose them.

How do classic slots work?

The activation of the rotation of the three reels occurs after the bet has been placed. Its size depends on three factors: the number of active lines, the number of coins per strip and the face value of the coin. The listed parameters are not always adjustable. The developer can automatically include all lines in the process or set the nominal value to be unchanged (the value in this case is equal to one). After investing a certain amount in the process, the spin starts. The rotation does not last long, in some versions of games it can be forced to end. The stop determines the win – a prize combination should be formed on the screen. The conditions for its formation are at least two identical pictures on the active line, the chain begins with the leftmost drum.

Charles Fey, an American born in Germany, created the first slot in his auto repair shop, giving out real coins as a win. It was the return on investment in the game in the form of money that became the starting point for the development of the gaming industry. The real material benefit instantly attracted those who were tempted with excitement, because before the invention of the Fairy, the prize was awarded with sweets and chocolate bars. The word “bar” on the scoreboard meant initially a sweet treat and was a simplified image of a chocolate wrapper. The golden bells that are present in most classic devices are symbols of Charles’s first independent success, the Liberty Bell automaton. The fairies changed most of the pictures over time, and the images of plums, lemons, oranges, mint and cherries were fixed on the drums for a long time.

Different kinds of classic slots

Classic slots are standard ground-based slot machines based on mechanics. Such machines have 3 reels with the classic, historically formed symbols depicted on them – the symbol of seven, fruits, card suits, bars. Often in mechanical slots there are from 1 to 5 paylines, bonuses, progressive jackpots are offered.

These 3-reel slot machines in online casinos are video slots that are only outwardly designed as mechanical, using classic symbols and functions. Such an imitation of mechanics is a way of satisfying the needs of conservative players who, even on a computer, prefer an old-fashioned 3-reel machine.

All of them are not divided into types, as they represent the same mechanics of winning and other functions.

The difference between modern & classic slots

One-armed bandits appeared more than 120 years ago, but are still in demand, as evidenced by the ratings in the casino. They have a number of features:

  • clear rules;
  • memorable characteristics;
  • significant multipliers for payouts;
  • usually a high percentage of return (RTP);
  • progressive jackpots.

Strategies applied in the recent past to real devices are unlikely to be effective for online slot machines. Previously consisting of mechanisms, springs and gears, the slots are now represented by a video game in which symbols appear according to a random number generator.

Due to the variety of gambling offers in the classics section, they can be sorted by functionality, built-in rounds and additional options. This will allow you to choose the appropriate option.

Classic slots jackpots & RTPs

Gambling games that do not offer additional options for receiving payouts have a higher dispersion, which means that you can count on a big prize. Attractive jackpots are provided in these classic slots: in the three-reel Always Hot Deluxe, four-reel Supra Hot, five-reel Spinning Stars and Roaring Forties and six-reel Sizzling 6.

There are many opinions among the players about which factor in the slots has the greatest influence on the winnings. There can be no two opinions here. This factor is called RTP – Return to player.

The vast majority of players, from beginners to seasoned wolves slots, are familiar with this indicator. The classic slots do not have a very large RTP. This is evidenced by the high dispersion of the slot. That is, winnings are very rare, but they are big.

Main features of classic slot machines

The canonical one-armed bandits do not provide additional levels, but some modern three-drum video slots are equipped with them. Such rounds are held on a separate screen after the appearance of special icons in the main mode. Usually the bonus round is the intuitive selection of several items. A certain fee is charged for each move, and at the end all the points are added up and get into the account. Also, developers often add an option presented in two stages. On the first, you need to hold the Hold key to fix the bands that will not continue to rotate, and on the second, start the respin. Combinations after a stop are composed of fixed and newly appeared pictures.

After winning in some slots, a risk round is suggested – guessing the color (suit) of the inverted card or choosing the card with the highest face value compared to the open one. Success in choosing increases the prize twice or more. Risky modes can be represented by a thematic plot, but a comparison of the results of a round always occurs between two options.

Bonuses in classic slot games

In this classification, everything is clear – there are two types of slot machines – those that are secluded with bonus rounds or games, and those that are not.

The bonus game is a very effective way to motivate the player, which allows you to rekindle even more excitement in him, keeps him in the game for more time, and, accordingly, gives more chances to win. Often bonus rounds are bright additional games that transfer a player from the main panel to another. Most often, bonus games offer the player to guess the suit of the card or the correct location of the bonus. These games are light and positive, they help the player to distract and relax.

Today, there are practically no bonus machines, even 3-drum classic slots offer players some bonuses.

What makes classic slots ideal for beginners?

In fact, classic slot machines are presented on the web in a huge assortment. Another thing is that not all clubs like to install a large number of such slots, since nevertheless, gamers prefer more modern emulators. The choice is always up to the user, but do not make a source of permanent income from gambling.

For beginners, classic slots will be very useful. They will help them understand the device of slots, then to be aware of the technology of modern online slots. As practice has shown, it is much simpler and easier to win in classic slots than on modern video slots.

Tips to play classic slots

Compared to conventional slot machines, video slots pay much less; the difference reaches 5% of the refund amount. At first glance it seems that these are trifles, but in fact it is a lot of money for slots.

  • Decide in advance on the amount of money that you are willing to lose on bets;
  • Based on your bankroll, select the limit available to you, which you will play in the future;
  • Always play within your bankroll and limit;
  • Before starting the game, carefully study the payout table of the machine;
  • Do not make stupid mistakes during the game, otherwise it will cost you money;
  • If you started to lose, in no case do not increase the size of the bet, hoping that you will be able to win back in this way the lost;
  • Preliminarily limit the time of your gaming session;
  • Do not spend your entire bankroll on progressive jackpot machines;
  • Enjoy your bets and have fun while playing.