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5.0 rating
200% up to €200/40mBTC +50 Spins
Welcome Bonus. Minimum Deposit €20. Wagering requirements 35x(d+b)
5.0 rating
150% up to €200
Welcome Bonus. Minimum Deposit €20. Wagering requirements 45xb
4.5 rating
100% up to €300 +30 Spins
Welcome Bonus. Minimum Deposit €10. Wagering requirements 35xb
5.0 rating
100% up to €100 +100 Spins
Welcome Bonus. Minimum Deposit €20. Wagering requirements 50xb
4.8 rating
100% up to €150 +60 Spins
Welcome Bonus. Minimum Deposit €20. Bonus code SM100. Wagering requirements 50xb
4.5 rating
125% up to €100 +180 Spins
Welcome Bonus. Minimum Deposit €20. Wagering requirements 40xb
4.0 rating
111% up to $1,000
High Roller Bonus. Minimum Deposit $100. Bonus code 111. Wagering requirements 35x(d+b)
1.0 rating
100% up to €200 + 50 Spins
Reload Bonus. Minimum Deposit €20. Wagering requirements 35x

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin casinos appeared relatively long ago – even before the moment when cryptocurrency earned worldwide popularity. If Bitcoin was born in 2009, the first European casinos with this cryptocurrency appeared in 2011. Today, crypto casinos are in great demand and there are several reasons for this.

In essence, bitcoin is a common computer program. It is only located not on any separate computer or server, but immediately on millions of computers that communicate directly with each other through this program.

Torrents work on a similar principle. You install the program, and someone else does the same. After that, you can transfer files to each other directly, without the participation of any servers, and with little or no control. It is this feature that made torrents the main hotbed of piracy on the Internet.

So the bitcoin system works the same way. Only the task of this program is not to transfer files between users, but to give them “virtual glasses”.

Would you start to keep an extra program on your computer that does not give you anything? Unlikely. Therefore, the program “encourages” those users who keep the entire system on their computers. She encourages them by issuing virtual “points” (or points), which are called bitcoins.

That is, this is an interesting phenomenon. The program does nothing useful. It “lies” on users’ computers and gives them virtual money for lying there. At the same time, the program gives out its points for a reason.

The whole system has a limitation. She can give out only 21 million virtual points (bitcoins), and not one more. At the same time, more and more new users are connected to the program every day. And you know what the only action this system is programmed for? It complicates the receipt of bitcoins if there are too many users. Or vice versa, it simplifies if they suddenly become smaller.

How to Make Bitcoin Deposits

With the growing demand for cryptocurrency, casinos on Bitcoin are gaining popularity, allowing you to replenish your account and withdraw money using Bitcoin wallets. The high demand for such online clubs is due to anonymity, the speed of depositing and withdrawing funds, low fees and other factors. Below we consider what a Bitcoin casino is, how they work, what are the features, pros and cons. We will separately analyze risk factors and the future of portals accepting Bitcoin. You can also choose any institution below for the game, they all accept payments and pay winnings in cryptocurrencies.

The main advantages of Bitcoin casino:

  • security – all transactions are protected;
  • confidentiality – you provide a minimum of data to the club, and all monetary transactions are conducted without reporting to banks, control of the gambling commission and other regulators;
  • speed – the withdrawal of Bitcoins is much faster due to the lack of checks and verification;
  • convenience – you are not tied to geography or currency.

How to Make a Withdrawal from Bitcoin Casino

In order to withdraw money from your casino account using this method, you need to open the corresponding page on the site and choose the withdrawal method in cryptocurrency. After that, the system will transfer the player to a special page where you will need to fill in certain fields. Among them will be the number of the Bitcoin wallet, as well as the amount topped up. The rest of the data entry fields may vary depending on the particular casino.

Having indicated the correct wallet and the required amount, the user will need to confirm the operation, after which he will be sent to a special exchange page. After that, the application is sent for processing, which can take from several hours to several days (depending on the casino chosen). If a player does not have a Bitcoin wallet, and the cryptocurrency is stored on his personal carrier, you can replenish the balance only if the system has the ability to download and process data from a computer.

Benefits of Online Casino Bitcoin Deposit

One of the main advantages of using Bitcoin is a high degree of anonymity – the same as when using cash, in comparison with purchases with a credit or debit card.

Another unique feature that allows users to instantly find out if a casino uses Bitcoin technology or not is the proven fairness of the game. One of the reasons why some large casinos, such as Omni Casino Slots and Jubise Casino, have started accepting Bitcoin, is because players can now fully realize their advantages. Apart from the fact that Bitcoin allows players to make quick deposits and withdraw money with complete anonymity, cryptocurrency has also become the driving force behind a fairier gaming industry.

The concept of provably fair casino games has gained such popularity that it is now almost impossible to ignore its advantages. For the first time, players can see that the result of each game was predetermined in advance, and how the random number generator works. Without going into too much detail, gaming sites can use blockchain to allow users to make sure that the casino had no chance of knowing the outcome of the event before the event happened. Instead of doubting the fairness of online casinos and filling gaming forums with complaints about an unfair RNG, players can now be sure that the casino is playing fair with them.

In many ways, Bitcoin is a quick and easy way to transfer money between two parties. Through the use of virtual wallets, QR codes and NFC, funds can be transferred with minimal effort and in real time. In essence, Bitcoin technology is simpler and faster than traditional bank payments, and its popularity in the entertainment industry is growing. That’s why one of the most desirable features of Bitcoin is its instant transaction speed with a comparable level of protection with payment methods such as credit cards or PayPal. When using Bitcoin, players, in particular, will enjoy protection against prying eyes at an instantaneous transaction speed. This, combined with other features, such as low transaction costs (usually no more than a couple cents, regardless of the size of the transaction) and 24/7 mode of operation, gives Bitcoin an undeniable advantage.

Drawbacks of Bitcoin Casino

As for the disadvantages of Bitcoin casinos, there are fewer of them:

  1. High volatility of BTC. The gamer must remember that the cryptocurrency rate can vary over a wide range even during the day.
  2. Ban Bitcoin in many countries. The governments of Russia, the USA and other states prohibit the operation of Bitcoin casinos. In addition, the status of the cryptocurrency itself remains in limbo.

It is also worth noting that many players are conservative by nature and choose casinos that work with the classic currency – dollars, euros, etc.

There is one more minus, but it is only with casinos that use exclusively cryptocurrency as the main payment tool. In such casinos there are very few games and providers. This is due to the fact that game providers are conservative and believe that it is very difficult for them to make money in such casinos.

Bitcoin vs Other Payment Methods

  • Small bets. One Bitcoin contains 100,000,000 satoshi (coins). Such a division allows you to make minimum bets, the size of which barely reaches 1-2 cents. As a result, the gamer participates in the game with little risk, receiving full gifts and casino bonuses. Of course, it is difficult to count on a big win with such a game, but you can gain experience and even create your own strategy.
  • Additional earnings. Many Bitcoin casinos attract gamers by distributing Satoshi for performing additional actions. Coins can be issued for registration, participation in lotteries and contests, completing any tasks, chatting, etc. Received money can be withdrawn to a Bitcoin wallet or used to play on one of the available casino slots.
  • Confidentiality. As noted, playing at Bitcoin casinos is an opportunity to earn income and maintain anonymity. Many gaming clubs do not require gamers to verify or fill out personal account fields. But such loyalty is not characteristic of everyone. A number of multi-currency universal casinos require identification using a standard scheme
  • Bypassing the law. Casino activities are prohibited in many countries, so players are often afraid of problems with the authorities due to the withdrawal of funds from online casino sites. Working with Bitcoin allows you to make transactions without the knowledge of the authorities and thereby protect yourself from a possible fine. As for the casino, they circumvent the prohibitions by creating special mirrors – clones of gaming clubs with a changed address. Redirecting to an existing site occurs automatically.
  • The reliability of savings. The money earned is fully owned by the online casino client. In normal mode, the administration of the clubs looks after the players and blocks the account or deposit if fraud is suspected. In the case of cryptocurrency, the probability of blocking is minimal. In almost all Bitcoin casinos, the default rule is that the earned Bitcoins belong to the player and cannot be taken.
  • You can also play without investments, as there are often no deposit bonuses.
  • Mobile online casinos are in great demand. All establishments accepting BTC have adaptive versions of sites.

Online Casinos with Bitcoin & Their Features

Bitcoin Mobile Casinos

Most online casino sites have already created their mobile versions – after all, given the growing use of smartphones on a global scale, casinos must develop in order to meet the requirements of their players. As more and more Android users begin to use their mobile devices to play in online casinos, we have a huge market for potential customers. At the same time, Bitcoin is also on the rise. And if there are several emerging markets, there is a good chance that they intersect sooner rather than later. And we can already see the visible signs of this intersection taking place right now, as more and more Android casinos are starting to accept Bitcoin as payment.

Bitcoin Live Casino Sites

With the increase in the number of active players in cryptocurrencies, the demand for online casino quality has also increased. It is difficult to imagine a modern Bitcoin casino that would not pay attention to Live games with live dealers.

Live dealers, or as they are also called Live Casino – offers you the opportunity to watch the whole process live. Due to the fact that real cards or roulette are used, the possibility of any scam or substitution of results is 100% excluded.

These modern technologies allow you to feel the atmosphere of a real casino without leaving your home! And beautiful girls dealers will delight not only with pleasant results, but also with their magnificent forms.

Bitcoin Casino Bonus Offers

Each Bitcoin casino presented on our website has unique offers. They vary in size and complexity of wagering, as well as in extra promos like free spins (free spins). Here are a few key factors to keep in mind when searching for and comparing Bitcoin bonuses:

Bonus Match

The most common type of bonus at Bitcoin casinos is the “deposit bonus”. These bonuses always include the percentage of matching. This figure makes it clear to you how much the amount of the deposit you made meets the conditions of the casino in terms of issuing a deposit bonus. For example, with a deposit of 5 million Bitcoins with 50% match, a Bitcoin casino gives you 5 million Bitcoins in excess of the amount of your deposit. Matching bonuses of some casinos can reach 200%!


How to setup a bitcoin account?

You can use the Blockchain website to create your Bitcoin wallet. There we select the Wallet section and click the Create a new wallet button. Next, you need to specify your mail, password. The passphrase and wallet ID must be saved, written down or printed. With the help of these data you can easily and simply replenish funds in the casino and withdraw money from it.

Is bitcoin safe?

The transfer and storage of bitcoin is safe when used from a casino. Installing a wallet directly on your computer gives a certain level of security, since this is how you control the keys. Most of them have relatively simple settings and at the same time are free. The disadvantages are that you have to back up from time to time. If your computer is stolen or it breaks, and you do not have spare private keys, then consider that you have lost your cryptocurrencies forever.

Do I need to provide personal information when using bitcoin?

When users transfer bitcoins, the recipient sends the bitcoin address to the sender, and the sender permits the operation using the private key (actually, a secret code that allows the sender to control his bitcoin address). To complete the transaction, you only need a bitcoin address that does not contain any personal information. Bitcoin transactions do not require the sender or recipient to disclose their identity. Difficulties in personal identification when using Bitcoin are also caused by the use of pseudonyms by the participants (the number of which is unlimited).

Is bitcoin gambling legal in the UK?

Yes, in the UK bitcoins are completely allowed to replenish their casinos. In addition, we want to note that UK is one of the most developed countries in terms of blockchain technology.

What is the minimum & maximum deposit amount?

The minimum deposit to your account via Bitcoin is 10 dollars, but the maximum limit is set at $ 10,000. Of course, each casino has its own minimum and maximum deposit limits. This must be recognized at the casino.

Are there any commission fees?

The casino does not withdraw commission for deposits and withdrawals. The only thing is that only the site on which you register cats can withdraw commission. For each operation, he removes from 0.1 to 1%. This is quite a bit.