New Online Slot Games 2021

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100% up to 25 Cash Spins. New players only. Min. deposit £25. WR of 1xb
100% up to $300. New players only. Min. deposit $20. WR of 50xb
50% up to $450. New players only. Min. deposit $20. WR of 50xb
100% up to 15 Free Spins. New players only. Min. deposit no. WR of 60x
150% up to $150 + 50 Extra Spins on Achilles Slot. New players only. Min. deposit $50. WR of 60x
100% up to 25 Spins on 4th Deposit. New players only. Min. deposit £10. WR of 30xb
100% up to 25 Spins on 1st Deposit. New players only. Min. deposit £10. WR of 30xb
100% up to $600. New players only. Min. deposit $50. WR of 18xb
100% up to $/€/£ 12 Registration Bonus. New players only. Min. deposit no. WR of 30x(d+b)
100% up to 25 Spins. New players only. Min. deposit £10. WR of 40x(d+b)
110% up to €150 + 150 Free Spins. New players only. Min. deposit €20. WR of 40xb
100% up to 50 Spins. New players only. Min. deposit €30. WR of 10x
25% up to $/€200. New players only. Min. deposit $10. WR of 40xb
100% up to up to 120 Bonus Spins. New players only. Min. deposit €10. WR of 550xb
150% up to €100 + 30 Free Spins. New players only. Min. deposit €20. WR of 40xb
150% up to €100 + 30 Free Spins. New players only. Min. deposit €20. WR of 40xb
50% up to $/€ 500, 3rd Deposit Bonus + 20 Spin. New players only. Min. deposit €10. WR of 40x(d+b)
200% up to €200 + 50 Free Spins. New players only. Min. deposit €20. WR of 40x
100% up to €/$ 200. New players only. Min. deposit €20. WR of 40x
200% up to €50 + 20 Spins. New players only. Min. deposit €10. WR of 25x(d+b)

How We Review New Online Slot Games

New slots appear often. That’s why our experts don’t lose their time and every day look for new unusual, interesting, profitable and safe games. We want to be the first among those who will tell you about the best novelty in the slot’s market. We test all new games that can interest online slot’s players and then give you a list. The only thing you should do is to choose online slot, start spinning and win your money.

The criteria that we use for estimating new slots are the number of pay lines, the amount of pay table, graphics’ quality, a presence of mobile version, the process of jackpot’s augmentation, possible bonuses, RTP percentage, clarity of game rules and the quantity of payout. Let’s examine them all more detailed.

Pay Lines

The number of pay lines can make you understand how much spins, win amount, chances and area of cover on the reels you will have. More often slots have 25 pay lines. But you can find also slots with one, tens, hundreds and thousands of them. It is the choice of online casino operator, who wants to make its game interesting for players but not unprofitable for itself.

The main formula of pay lines is: more pay lines = bigger bet = higher chance to win. But before making your big bets you should control the pay table and to calculate if the winning is worth it. So we are looking for balanced slots where you will have only benefits.

Pay Table

As we said, before the game you should look at the pay table, which will show you how much you can win on the pay lines and it will help you to calculate if the prize money covers coins value. These tables are very clever. It can seem that you will win in any case. But unfortunately, the winning is lower than your coin bet. It means that only some of the slots with these huge tables permit you to get more than you give.

Graphics & Gameplay

Games can be different. They can be breathtaking, so so or crummy. But nowadays it’s difficult to find the last one, because of up-dated HTML5 and some other software that make all games very similar to video games.

When you choose the game, graphics and gameplay aren’t the last things that should be examined. It’s important when the game can interest its players and give the possibility to win. In a competitive global production and trade environment it’s not a good idea to create some useless slot with minimum costs. So we want to protect our customers against this “rubbish”, offering perfectly designed slots with high winnings.

Mobile Responsive

The youth of today can’t imagine this world without modern gadgets even 5 minutes. It’s just a part of their life. So some slots without mobile version can disappoint them or make them laughing. Slots without mobile version don’t have future. They must be worked out for every device, even for TV. That’s why we say “yes” only for those slots, which are ready to be played everywhere.


The most important thing, for which people play, is jackpot. It is the most significant sum of money that attracts all players. The calculation of play table and bets is boring and complicated, that’s why it’s useful to look through the slots’ highest winnings. We can advise you some slots with low spin cost and high jackpots that usually are very advantageous.


It’s a fact that almost all online slot providers create their “new” games, using as a base their old games. That’s why they always seem so similar. Yes, it’s not easy to create totally new games and slots. The process takes lots of hours and sometimes years. In order not to lose time the providers add some special things that make their games different and that “force” you to play. These things are new features and bonuses. New slots have often the explanation of their work. So you can study it well and turn your ordinary game into enthralling race.

Game Layout

Our goal is to find online slots, which can be easy for playing and understanding. Players mustn’t feel uncomfortable when seeing new game layout. Everything must me clear. Slots proposed on our site have all useful information for our customers: winnings, play table, real won money etc. It’s important to make you understand the game.

Game Rules & Payout Rate

Sometimes it can be difficult to find slot’s rules. Very often they are hidden behind question mark. It’s important to read all rules before playing, because each slot can differ from another one. On the same tab you can often find the information about payouts. May be you’ve heard one common opinion: higher RTP better slot game is. But it’s not real, it is some kind of myth. Because these unbelievable numbers show a total sum of players in per cent that have won something. So it’s useless to read it. We take in consideration this information, but don’t attach much importance to it.

Pros&Cons of New Slots

Though all we have our favorite games, it is better to test new slot machines too. New slots can surprise you with new bonuses, design, animation, 3D effects. Also, the plot of game can be based on your loved film with famous characters, singers, musicians.

But some players can criticize new slots for being too sophisticated, because all this difficult designed games distract them from the main aim: a big winning. The game seems interesting, colorful with realistic animations, but too entertaining and less profitable.

Old vs New Casino Slots

Slot providers always want to develop their slots and to find new way for enticement new players. Both old slots and new slots have their own charm. And the player’s choice depends only on its preferences. May be for someone it’s closer old-school slot with fruits, which doesn’t have lots of pay lines, incredible flying reels and 3D design. But the feeling of safety in game without novelties just leave the player relaxing in so usual retro atmosphere.

And what about new slots? They are rich of features, bonus rounds, free spins etc. Some providers such as Play ‘N Go, Big Time Gaming and Playtech search for new ways of gaming and slots systems, which will be ready to offer you something new and innovative. And also in mobile century new slots can propose playing in any devise.

So let’s make some conclusion about old and new slots:

All already known featuresThe big number of bonuses
Old hundreds times played games, where the game strategy is worked outNew games, new bonus rounds
Old retro “cosy” designNew innovative and clear design
Standard payment methodsLarger choice of payment ways
Have a well-known reputationLess famous among players
The player gets what expectsThe game is unpredictable because it’s new


Why should I try a new slot?

Because it can offer new innovative and breathtaking game, which will have up-dated software of both mobile and desktop versions. New slots also can propose you new welcome, no deposit bonuses. New UK slots use only high modern technologies for online slots, which also attract customers with great gaming experience.

New online slots can also help players to take a rest from their favourite games. May be with this experiment you will find new favourite one and during your investigative way you will collect exiting bonuses. So try new online slots of 2020 and surprise yourself with a great choice of games with high jackpots and incredible bonuses.

How often are new slot games released?

You can find new slots almost every day. But famous slot machine providers make games release every month. Every company chooses its favourite day. For example, Novomatic release their new games on Tuesday, but NetEnt and IGT usually make glad their fans on Thursdays. But there are some companies that can release new online slot games once every few months.

How to choose new slots?

In an endless world of new online slots it’s very easy to be lost and forget what you are looking for. So before the beginning of your long way, it’s better to make clear what you want to find. Let’s read some characteristics that are important and can be a decisive factor in your choice.

  1. Authoritative licence is must have of every online casino that offer you new slots.
  2. Payout percentage (RTP) tell you about the percentage of money returned to all players.
  3. Maximum or minimum bets must be examined if you don’t want to remain disappointed with wasting money.
  4. Bonuses and features have many forms. Your task is to choose slots with such interesting and nice bonuses as bonus games, high number of free spins, multipliers, scatters and many others.
  5. Graphics and design should satisfy your own interests, because there are lots of slots that have different themes for any taste.
  6. Jackpots are waiting for their owners. But you should decide how much it should be.
  7. Mobile version can give you a great possibility to play everywhere and when you want. So you won’t lose your big score because of work, for example.
  8. Volatility shows the winning’s size. If the volatility is high, the payouts are bigger and vice-versa.
  9. Deposit & withdrawals ways are important for your comfortable game. So before your game of fortune begins you should choose the pay way that you like.

Can I get bonuses in new slots?

That is one of many reasons to sign-up on new 2020 online slot game. Interesting bonuses are very important for every player during a searching of new slot and all casino operators know it. That’s why lots of bonuses such as free spins, no deposit bonuses, bonus rounds, welcome bonuses, big-money prize draws, regular promotions and many other bonuses are waiting for you. So don’t be afraid of new offers made by online casino operators, just choose your slot and enjoy endless bonuses.