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100% up to $300. New players only. Min. deposit $20. WR of 50xb
100% up to $150 + 25 Free Spins. New players only. Min. deposit $100. WR of 25x(d+b)
100% up to up to 120 Bonus Spins. New players only. Min. deposit €10. WR of 550xb
50% up to $113 + 13 Free Spins. New players only. Min. deposit $20. WR of 30x(d+b)
100% up to 50 Free Spins. New players only. Min. deposit $50. WR of 60x
100% up to $150 + 20 free spins . New players only. Min. deposit $20. WR of 60x
100% up to $100 + 100 Spins. New players only. Min. deposit $20. WR of 30x(d+b)
100% up to 25 Free Spins. New players only. Min. deposit no. WR no
100% up to 200 Free Spins. New players only. Min. deposit $20. WR of 15x
100% up to 10 jackpot spins and €50 extra. New players only. Min. deposit no. WR of 30x
100% Welcome Bonus up to £30. New players only. Min. deposit £10. WR of 24x
100% bonus up to £50 + 50 Free Spins. First deposit only. Min. deposit £20. WR of 60x
100% bonus up to £100 + 25 free spins. New players only. Min. deposit £20. WR of 35x
100% bonus up to £400 +200 free spins. New players only. Min. deposit £10. WR of 40x
100% bonus up to £300 +30 free spins. New players only. Min. deposit £10. WR of 30x
100% bonus up to £200 + 11 free spins. New players only. Min. deposit £10. WR of 35x
£88 no deposit bonus or 100% bonus. New players only. Min. deposit £20. WR of 50x
100% deposit bonus +50 Free Spins. New players only. Min. deposit £20. WR of 35x
100% up to £200 + 10 Free Spins. New players only. Min. deposit £10. WR of 30x
100% up to £50 + 50 Free Spins. First deposit only. Min. deposit £20. WR of 60x

What is a Progressive Jackpot Slot Games?

The progressive jackpot is a big win at the casino, which is constantly increasing. You can get it after registration and betting on money in specific machines. The size of the winnings can be measured in millions of dollars and go to a random player. Games with progressive jackpot annually pay thousands of dollars to gambling lucky. Detailed reviews of progressive slots with colossal payouts will help you find the right strategy.

Every year we learn the news that jackpots go to the lucky ones from around the world. Maybe you will become the next millionaire.

How do Jackpot Slots Work?

The assortment of any casino has progressive jackpots. It is worth noting that we are not talking about a single cumulative amount, which is formed by deductions from bets made in different games. Jackpots are played directly in any one model.

The progressive jackpot is formed due to deductions from bets or winnings of casino customers. It is constantly increasing and can reach millions of dollars. To win, you need to collect a combination of characters or go through the bonus round by fulfilling the conditions for bets. There are three jackpot accumulation schemes. You can tear it off when playing for money in specific machines from a computer or mobile device.

Different Kinds of Progressive Jackpot Slots

In online casinos there are such types of progressive jackpots:

  1. In-House. It is formed inside the club. One or more devices participates in the draw. Sometimes establishments managed by one company unite and create a single network of jackpots.
  2. Stand Alone Progressive. The bank is formed from deductions with user winnings. Each slot machine has its own jackpot, so their amounts rarely exceed ten thousand dollars. The odds to hit the jackpot here are the highest.
  3. Area Wide. The accumulation of its amount is an independent company. Dozens of casinos, even the closest competitors, can participate in the formation. Millions of dollars are being played. Payments from clients’ rates fluctuate within 2-7%. The chances of victory are the lowest.

Jackpot Slots vs Regular Slots

If you decide to play on a slot with a progressive jackpot, you should understand that by doing this you reduce your chances of a general victory. The money that goes into commission could be spent on regular spins in a standard game. It is possible, after all, that some of them would eventually be successful and bring you quite a big win. And so you just “feed” the general jackpot, but this does not affect your chances of breaking it. No, of course, you don’t need to completely give up the dream to hit the jackpot, you just don’t need to get hung up on this idea, and play on such machines regularly. It is better to do this occasionally and only in trusted institutions.

This is considered one of the main drawbacks of the jackpots. You initially reduce the chances of your victory, but you can win thousands of dollars for one bet, which you cannot do in ordinary slots.

Local vs Progressive Jackpots

There is no difference in functions and rules between simple and progressive devices. Video slots, card and board games in separate sections of the casino participate in the draws. Winning conditions may be as follows:

  • game by the maximum number of lines and rate;
  • obtaining a specific combination of characters;
  • passing the bonus round.

Multiple jackpots can be played in one slot. You can get one or the other when changing the bid.

The client’s experience when participating in the draw does not matter. You just need to follow the instructions and place bets on money. It is impossible to hit the jackpot in free versions of devices.

Progressive Jackpot can also be obtained on mobile devices. Amounts and win conditions are not changed.

Main Features of Jackpot Slot Machines

Modern slot machines in which a progressive jackpot is installed have a number of features, and they must be taken into account during the game process. These gaming machines are always characterized by a high level of volatility. This can only mean one thing – an optimal game will require a fairly large budget, since the game combinations that bring the player such a high gain will have to wait a very long time. If a player decides to extend his game by reducing the bet, this will not lead to anything good. Minimum rates practically do not bring any results in accumulative slots.

Another feature of progressive devices is the need to play on all available lines. If their number is reduced, along with them the chances of collecting a successful combination will decrease.

In some slot machines, the progressive jackpot relies on collecting a certain combination. Most often, this is the most important slot symbol in the amount of 5 pieces on one line. However, some devices are characterized by the launch of special bonus games, which can be activated when collecting random combinations.

Bonuses in Progressive Slot Games

Of course, the most important feature of progressive slots is the ability to win the jackpot. Every casino player dreams of catching a huge amount without exception. But in addition to the jackpot games in the slots of this type there are other functions, such as bonus games. These are classic free spins in which you can also win money. This feature drops out more often than the progressive jackpot. Therefore, you are trying to catch the jackpot, you can also win money in the usual bonus game.

Tips to Play Jackpot Slot

There are no strategies here. They are useless in any casino game that is based on chance. Although there were cases when players could “read” slot machines and determine when a large prize would be awarded. But these are exceptional examples, of which there are very few in life.

There is no specific pattern with which progressive jackpots fall. Therefore, no systems and no strategies will help here. There is also such information that when the progressive jackpot is just broken, you need to wait until the amount grows. It also makes no sense to wait. There have been times when the jackpot, which on average has been accumulating for two months, repeatedly broke down the very next day.

Always pay attention to the minimum bid rules. Many progressive slots require that the bet be at least a certain amount so that it can bring the jackpot. The game itself will allow lower bets, but when you receive the coveted winning combination, you simply accrue a fixed prize, not a progressive jackpot. It would be very disappointing if you yourself deprived of this chance.

Also note that some slots require a maximum bet in order to qualify for the jackpot. Therefore, calculate your budget. The pursuit of a particularly large win can drag on for a long time. Moreover, you may not achieve what you want. So, consider the required rates and your capabilities. If you can not afford the established minimum, then it is better to choose ordinary slot machines. There will be a higher chance of getting regular prizes.


What are non-progressive jackpots?

This is a kind of jackpot that does not accumulate over time. That is, one amount that was set by the developer can be won at least every hour, while the winning amount will always be at the same level.

How to boost my chances of winning a progressive jackpot?

No strategy will help you win the jackpot faster. We can only give you some advice. Be sure to read the progressive jackpot rules. Not all slots can play the jackpot at minimum bets.