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4.8 rating
100% up to £100 +10% CashBack
Welcome Bonus. Minimum Deposit £20. Wagering requirements 35x

What is Boku

Boku is a way to quickly replenish an account in an online casino, which allows approved members to easily and easily replenish their account in mobile online casinos from a mobile phone.

To replenish an account through Boku, you can use both standard monthly tariff plans and prepaid SIM cards, since at the time of the transaction, the replenished amount is withdrawn from the mobile phone account. If there is not enough money on your prepaid SIM card, the transaction will be rejected.

Some mobile operators, in addition to the amount of replenishment, require a minimum balance on the account.

Modern online casinos offer their players the most favorable conditions. Fans of gambling can try playing their favorite slot machines or roulette. To do this, you don’t even have to leave the house, enough devices with Internet access. Virtual casinos with recharge via phone are very popular today. This is not strange, because this option of replenishing an account is as simple as possible and available to every user.

How to Make a Boku Deposit

Almost all virtual establishments make it possible to transfer funds to a gaming account using Boku. But this method has several limitations: commission and strict rules on the part of the mobile operator. For example, subscribers can do no more than 10 operations per day for a certain amount. Before transferring funds, you must familiarize yourself with all the rules. It is better for new players not to immediately spend a lot of money on slot machines. First you need to look at the basic rules and features of the selected game and play in demo mode. When the game strategy is developed, and there is a desire to win the jackpot, you can choose the best payment method. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to transfer money to a deposit is replenishment from the phone of any operator. The replenishment procedure consists of the following stages:

  • go to your personal account and at the cashier select a payment method through Boku;
  • select the appropriate operator from the list;
  • enter the phone number and deposit amount;
  • enter the secret code or send a message to a short number;
  • within 30 minutes, the money will come to the deposit.

If finances are not immediately credited to the account, many tries to pay the casino with a card without SMS confirmation, or send an SMS message again. You do not need to do this.

A delay in the transfer may be associated with a failure on the Internet or processing in the virtual club itself. After a few hours, you can contact technical support for help or contact your mobile operator. If after sending an SMS-message the funds did not come to the casino, make sure that you have not exceeded the limit that is prescribed in the rules of the gaming establishment.

When sending money to the balance through Boku, the player does not lose the commission for replenishment through payment systems. Often, in order to deposit funds to a gambling institution, a player must first replenish a card or virtual wallet, and then transfer funds to the game balance. At the same time, he spends time and money. Now replenishment for a mobile phone is sold in any store, at the post office, or at any ATM. You can also replenish your favorite online casino with Boku at any time, and in any convenient place. This is convenient, because you can enter the mobile application of a gaming establishment and place bets on travel, in queues and in traffic jams.

How to Make a Withdrawal from Boku Casino

In online gambling clubs with the possibility of making a Boku deposit, the withdrawal procedure for winnings and previously deposited money is no different from other online casinos. To withdraw funds, contact the cash desk of your personal account. If the game balance was replenished only through Boku, then select this method. If it is not supported, withdraw money in an alternative way.

A feature of clubs where money transfer through Boku is available is that withdrawal of funds by this method is not always available. Therefore, transferring money to the account from the phone, it must be borne in mind that it may be necessary to withdraw the money won in other ways. As we can see, even for slot machines in the best Boku casinos, replenishment through Boku is available to every client, so playing on the phone is quite profitable in all aspects. Some methods are used only after applying them to transfer funds to an account, for example, bank cards. It is not always possible to pay at the club with a card without SMS, so you still need a phone.

Advantages of Boku Mobile Casino Deposits

The possibility of making deposits Boku appeared at the dawn of the popularity of electronic payment systems, almost becoming the only alternative to bank cards. Then, users still doubted the safety of making payment transactions on the Internet. Amid the general fear of making deposits with bank cards, the ability to replenish the balance in the online casino with Boku has become an excellent safe alternative.

In order to ensure the proper security of money transactions in online casinos using Boku, you should carefully check the correctness of all the specified data, including entered numbers and other information. It is not recommended carrying out financial transactions while in public places. In addition to security, the ability to replenish gaming accounts at Boku online casino has the following advantages:

  • No need to remember and record passwords from payment systems.
  • A deposit can be made in any place where the network of a mobile operator catches.
  • No internet connection required (not always).
  • Top-up is instant.
  • The possibility of phishing and data theft of your payment instruments is excluded.

Disadvantages of Boku Mobile Casino Deposits

But this way of making financial transactions in relation to the game balance in an online casino is not ideal and also has some disadvantages. One of them is the amount of commissions that may be charged by mobile operators. Sometimes they exceed fees of payment systems, especially those in which a zero fee for the commission of monetary transactions is established.

Another pretty big minus is the restriction on the replenishment of large amounts. This method is suitable for players who play at small limits. For high rollers, this method is definitely not suitable.

Another minus is the withdrawal of funds. Most likely you will have to withdraw money to an electronic wallet or bank card, since withdrawal to Boku is very rare. In addition, when winning, you can run into limits.

Therefore, use it only when necessary and be prepared for the fact that verification of such a payment may take several days. Therefore, we recommend using credit cards.

But if you use your phone, you are over 18 years old and you are not transferring more than what you have on your balance sheet, then there is nothing to worry about. The deposit will be accepted and you will play without any restrictions, as well as after payment through any other payment system.

Online Casinos with Boku & Their Features

Boku Mobile Casino Sites

Most often, such a method of replenishment and withdrawal of funds is used by players who play on mobile devices. Today it’s hard to find someone who wouldn’t use gadgets. Using smartphones, people can manage finances, travels, have fun in various ways, including playing in online casinos.

If you believe the statistics and analytical estimates of independent experts, by the end of 2020 – the beginning of 2020 .. about 70% of users will prefer playing video slots from mobile devices. That is why every representative of the industry is simply obliged to have a downloadable application or a version of the official website adapted for touchscreens.

Boku Live Casino Sites

And of course, the casinos that use Boku could not leave their players without Live dealers. A large number of modern virtual casinos provide various interesting games, but far from everywhere you can find games with live dealers. These are completely new and unique games that have a number of advantages:

  • a casino with live dealers immerses the gambler in an atmosphere of excitement;
  • rivals are real people;
  • the croupier and all his actions are visible on the screen;
  • everything happens in real time;
  • no need to leave home.

Ground-based casinos are gradually becoming a thing of the past, since their place is actively occupied by modern technologies and new online games, which not only do not give way to classical ones, but also have undeniable advantages. Casino with live dealers represents a completely new segment of entertainment.

The Benefits of Playing In Boku Casinos

By replenishing the casino through Boku, you can get a standard welcome bonus. It is for your first payment that it may be the largest in its percentage. Therefore, instead of several small deposits, it is better to immediately make one large one to get the maximum benefit from your payment. With a bonus, spinning bonuses will be much more interesting, because there will be more money, and you can make bets higher. Higher bets will provide higher winnings. As a result of a successful game, a large amount will appear on your account, which you can use for further earnings, or simply withdraw.

Often in gambling establishments you can find a special bonus for players who replenish the balance through Boku, usually it is 100% of the recharge amount. A convenient advantage that is available today only in some gambling establishments is the transfer of funds to the phone from the game balance. This is a great way to boost your mobile account. Playing in gaming machines this way, you definitely won’t go to a big minus, because you won’t be able to replenish the balance by an amount higher than on the phone.


Is it easy to use?

In fact, using Boku is convenient only in limited situations. If you are on the go, but you don’t have money on your bank account or on electronic wallets, but there is money on your mobile balance, then Boku will be the best solution. In other cases, it is more convenient to pay by other means, since there are no small limits.

Do I need to sign up?

Of course, when registering at any casino, you must go through the registration process. Casino with Boku is no exception. To deposit, play and withdraw funds, you must complete a full registration and verification of your account. You need to confirm your age with documents.

Are there any commission fees?

One of the main disadvantages of Boku is the amount of fees that may be charged by mobile operators. Sometimes they exceed fees of payment systems, especially those in which a zero fee for the commission of monetary transactions is established. As a rule, they are very large and can reach up to 20%

Who can use boku for gambling payments?

Any player at a casino that supports Boku can use Boku. If there is money on the balance of your phone, or your tariff supports negative limits, then you can replenish your account in this way.

How much does it cost to use boku?

Boku does not charge a fee when transferring money to a casino, but mobile operators can do this. If the balance of your phone after replenishment has become minus, then most likely the operator may charge an additional fee for this.

How much can I deposit with boku?

At least through Boku you can pay 5 pounds. But in a day up to a maximum of £ 30. But again, the casinos themselves can set the limits for replenishment with this tool.

Can I withdraw my winnings using boku?

It will not work to withdraw your money to the phone balance. To withdraw money from the casino account, you will have to add another payment method, register it and make at least one deposit through it.

Can I get bonuses using boku?

If the casino supports Boku, then most likely deposit bonuses will be available for you. But information about this should always be checked on the official casino website or in our casinos that use Boku reviews.