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100% up to €500. New players only. Min. deposit €10. WR of 35x(d+b)
150% up to €150. New players only. Min. deposit €10. WR of 25x(d+b)
100% up to $300. New players only. Min. deposit $20. WR of 50xb
50% up to $450. New players only. Min. deposit $20. WR of 50xb
100% up to $250. New players only. Min. deposit $20. WR of 50xb
100% up to 275 Spins. New players only. Min. deposit $30. WR of 20x)
100% up to $150 + 25 Free Spins. New players only. Min. deposit $100. WR of 25x(d+b)
150% up to $150 + 50 Extra Spins on Achilles Slot. New players only. Min. deposit $50. WR of 60x
100% up to 25 Spins on 4th Deposit. New players only. Min. deposit £10. WR of 30xb
100% up to 25 Spins on 3rd Deposit. New players only. Min. deposit £10. WR of 30xb
100% up to 25 Spins on 1st Deposit. New players only. Min. deposit £10. WR of 30xb
100% up to €500 + 50 Bonus Spins. New players only. Min. deposit €25. WR no)
100% up to $300. New players only. Min. deposit $10. WR no
100% up to $600. New players only. Min. deposit $50. WR of 18xb
150% up to $200. New players only. Min. deposit $20. WR of 30xb
100% up to $200. New players only. Min. deposit $20. WR of 30xb
150% up to $200. New players only. Min. deposit $20. WR of 30xb
175% up to €200. New players only. Min. deposit €20. WR of 35xb
100% up to €/£/$200. New players only. Min. deposit €20. WR of 30xb
200% up to £100 + 50 Extra Spins. New players only. Min. deposit £10. WR of 40x(d+b)

What is a Deposit Bonus?

There is a tradition in online casinos — giving players a bonus on their first deposit. Few violate this tradition, so the first recharge is usually accompanied by at least some gift. Where and what gifts can you expect?

You do not have to think about which operators reward new players for their first replenishment. Hardly you can find those who do not. Our site has a convenient search page for any offers, including best deposit bonus slots, that is, first deposit bonuses.

A deposit bonus is accrued after registering a player in a casino and replenishing a game account for a certain amount. This type of bonus is often called “real”, because it has the least restrictions on withdrawals.

Should I Play With Casino Bonuses?

Bonuses provide additional funds for the game. If you are not chasing to fulfil the conditions of wagering, and just spend on additional loans at your pleasure, then why not take advantage of bonuses? Especially when you consider that there are bonuses that do not require wagering.

Bonuses without acting out are a rarity. This is not profitable for the casino, therefore there are even fewer such offers than the usual no deposit bonuses. If a player does not need to fulfil any conditions for receiving bonuses, then you can no doubt accept them. It turns out that all winnings you can withdraw or use for the game.

If you read the terms of wagering, you can imagine how real the wagering of the bonus will be in a normal game. That is, you will not play to wager the bonus, but will play and wagering will occur by itself. If you consider that there are chances, and your game will not change from this, then there is nothing wrong with accepting the bonus. But if you feel that you do not have time to fulfil the scrolling requirements, then it is better to play your own and refuse bonuses of online casinos.

How Does a Deposit Bonus Work?

The standard is 100% with a maximum bonus amount of approximately $200-500. But in general, you can expect any extremes from small to huge. Note that the higher the accrued percentage is, the more likely you will need to fulfil too high wagering requirements.

Also common is the offer of interest in excess of the deposit, plus free spins. And some casinos offer only free spins as a bonus for their first deposit. This is not to say which is more profitable. Some players will be more interested in obtaining loans in order to have a specific amount and play different games. Others will prefer to take risks with free spins, due to which you can win an indefinite amount.

When you wager any bonuses, including on your first deposit, in most cases you spend your own money first. And when there are none left, gift credits accrued to you are used. For beginners, it probably seems that they will play for bonuses, but this is not so. Only exceptional casinos establish such rules that the bonus balance is used first, and then the real one.

How to Get a Slot Bonus Deal?

Everything is very simple here. Choose a site, register an account, replenish your account, and you are credited with a bonus on your first deposit. But there are some points to consider. These, in particular, are specific accrual rules.

The operator may have special requirements. For example, a fairly common requirement is to enter a bonus code when replenishing an account. If this is not done, then the bonus will not be automatically credited. Then whether you get it at all will depend on the will of the operator.

Sometimes players are required to contact support. Just write them with a request for a bonus or inform them of the promo code there. And they will manually charge you loans or free spins.

Keep in mind that some casinos may limit the time at which new users can receive a bonus on their first deposit. Usually you have the option to refuse the offer. Then, as a rule, time is given if the player suddenly changes his mind.

Quite rarely, but it happens that when replenishing an account using a certain method, players do not receive bonuses. Or in the rules there may be a restriction on countries.

It will also be necessary to fulfil the minimum deposit requirement. As a rule, this is somewhere around 10-20 dollars. But more profitable offers may require a larger amount. There are also operators who request a minimum recharge, from about $5.

The most convenient way can be used right now. On this page, select the best casino in your opinion, follow the link and register. The site presents the best deposit bonus slots in UK.

Pros & Cons of Deposit Bonus Slots


  1. Getting money for free. In fact, this is the main reason. However, no one will allow you to withdraw the bonus, of course, you need to play all the “gift” dollars for a certain amount of time in the slots. In principle, this is good, because in this way the player increases his deposit, and the chances of winning.
  2. With bonuses you can play at high stakes. Thanks to the increased bankroll, you can play at the limits that were previously inaccessible without the proposed bonus. And it will not be so scary to risk significant sums, because this money is not from your wallet, it was offered just like that!
  3. You play anyway. You play 100% in online casinos after replenishing your deposit. So why not take advantage of the registration bonus and try to wager everything? Suddenly, luck is on your side today, or did you “eat a dog” at these games and know all the secrets in them?


  1. All deposit bonuses have a wager. Wager is a bet condition. As a rule, a casino offers to withdraw a bonus only after, for example, a bet for an amount equal to 5 or 10 or more bonuses. The trick is small, but many come across such things.
  2. To play the registration bonus, you must play certain games. There are games in which you will never win back the presented bonus (slots or games with a minimum payout ratio), and very often casinos force players to play just such a game.

Bonus Wagering Requirements & Terms

Wagering, wager, turnover all mean the same thing — the player will need to spend a certain amount so that the winnings received with the active bonus can be withdrawn. The problem is that the casino sets a number of requirements that make this task quite difficult. Therefore, some players even prefer to refuse offers.

The wager is usually indicated as a multiplier to the bonus amount. For example, a 30x wager means that you need to wager the $100 bonus by betting a total of $3,000 ($100×30). If the wager is 10x, then wagering will be much simpler — the required bet amount is $1,000 ($100×10). You will make bets, over time this amount will accumulate and winnings will become available for withdrawal.

What does it mean if a casino requires a wagering bonus and a deposit? In such cases, you need to add the deposit amount to the bonus amount and multiply by the wager. For example, in the same example, the wagering will actually be 60x, if 100% was added to your deposit. Indeed, then the base will no longer be $100, but $200, and this is the amount that will need to be multiplied by 30.

The Best Tactic to Play with Bonuses

Firstly, it does not pursue the highest possible amounts or percentages. All this does not matter much if the terms of the bonus are not favourable. The more real the wager, the more valuable the offer.

It is important to know the different details of the offers, which are not always given in the description of the action itself, but are hidden in the general rules and conditions of the casino. Few newcomers will get to this boring document. Without these conditions, everything seems much simpler than it actually is.

Different games give different percentages for acting out. This is also very important. If you are a blackjack lover, for example, most of the first deposit bonuses are simply not suitable for you. After all, basically this game is not taken into account when acting out, or gives a very insignificant percentage — from 1 to 10%. You will bet on blackjack, but they will go idle and the level of wagering will not change, or change very slowly.

You must also consider that having won back the bonus, you will not always be able to withdraw all the money won back, due to the limit. And there are such rules as the maximum allowable bets during wagering and the rules not to play certain games, and also not to postpone bonus rounds. In general, be careful.

Is There a Limit to How Much You Can Deposit at Slot Sites?

Each casino puts its maximum bets. Moreover, for different games, the size may be different. There are two explanations for this. The first is that large winnings do not bring them financial problems. The second is to prevent players from using advanced betting strategies.

Special conditions apply to maximum bets when wagering bonuses. There is a standard maximum, which is used in almost all casinos — €/$5. Casinos do not want players to be able to easily clear bonuses at the expense of one successful bet, because the won bonuses are expenses for the casino. Therefore, the maximum bid is so low. It forces the player to make as many bets as possible, and the longer the game drags on, the more chances are that the theoretical advantage of the casino will be achieved.