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How to Select a Basketball Betting Site

Basketball Market Prices & Odds Levels

The criteria to look at when choosing basketball betting sites are odds. In fact, the magnitude of the gain depends on this factor. The less the bookmaker is greedy, the more the player gets. To understand how beneficial the odds are, just compare a couple of the best basketball betting sites with each other. Find an event that is presented in all offices, and everything will immediately become clear. There is also a life hack from experienced players. They find an event in which there can only be two outcomes with equal probability. In theory, the bookmaker should offer a coefficient of 2, but then he will not earn anything. Therefore, the coefficients are in the range from 1.80 to 1.95. The math is simple: the larger the coefficient, the more profitable it is for the player.

The betting line is also an important criterion to consider when choosing NBA betting sites. At first glance, the line does not affect anything. Popular events are at all bookmakers. The odds are about the same everywhere. And here the line comes into play. After all, the more events the bookmaker gives, the more likely it is to collect a successful express. Thus, you can significantly increase your winnings.

Markets on Offer

Of course, most online basketball betting sites offer players to bet on the most popular championships. But really the best basketball betting sites offer players bets on little-known championships and matches. All professional players prefer to bet on such matches. If you are a beginner, then you do not really need them, but when you become more experienced, you will understand that you can earn the most from such matches.

Basketball Betting Bonuses & Promotions

Any player wants to increase their game bank. If you bet on basketball, then this is also your main goal. To stand out from competitors, bookmakers offered bonuses upon entering the legal betting market – each other is more interesting. Therefore, now, without exception, legal bookmakers have bonuses for bookmakers, and the bettor can choose bookmakers with a bonus at registration or bookmakers that give bonuses simply for the fact of verification.

Most often they give out such bonuses:

  • Bonus for replenishment.
  • First deposit bonus.
  • No deposit bonus.
  • Free bet.
  • Registration bonus.
  • Loyalty Bonus.
  • Risk free rate.
  • Compensation for a losing bet.
  • Bonus quests.
  • Promo code bid.

Live Basketball Betting Arena

We can bet before the start of the match, but we can do it on time, which means “live”. In real time, some bets from the prematch are removed, but new ones are added: for example, the Asian handicap, the exact number of points in this quarter or with what throw the next one will end.

Basketball Live Betting Nuances

In live we can watch the broadcast, already know the composition of the teams and how they conduct the game. If someone gets injured, it can seriously affect the match. We could not have foreseen this in the prematch, but in live we can correct the mistake and compensate for the losses.

You also need to remember that during the game the score is often equalized and the teams either go ahead or lag behind, and you should not firmly believe that outsiders will turn the game around. Of course, this happens from time to time, but after the successful first half, weak teams often lose their advantage and may end up as usual.

Using Cash Out at Basketball Betting Sites

A considerable number of bookmakers do not hesitate to use various tricks in order not to pay you the winnings or at least to delay the process of withdrawing money as long as possible in the hope that you will not suffer and lose them. Although small amounts (up to $ 100), as a rule, almost all bookmakers withdraw without problems. Payout problems can arise when it comes to larger money.

How to avoid problems with payments in bookmakers?

  1. Choose a reliable bookmaker with a decent reputation.
  2. Carefully fill out the form during registration: indicate your real personal data that you can confirm with documents.
  3. Use only payment instruments (bank cards, e-wallets) that are issued in your name.
  4. To quickly receive payments, use the popular world e-wallets.
  5. Do not break the rules, do not try to capitalize on obvious errors and other technical problems on the bookmaker’s website.
  6. Do not abuse the payment order shortly after the deposit without making the required number of bets.

Most Popular Basketball Betting Markets

Match Winner

As already mentioned, players often bet on favorites. Also, quite a lot of people tend to bet on popular teams. The most popular NBA team is the Los Angeles Lakers. Yes, at one time this team was very successful. But now this is only a story. And many players often fall for it and lose. If you look at the statistics, you can easily understand that such rash bets cannot be successful.

Over the past 10 seasons, the NBA Lakers have broken the bookmaker odds comparing chances of winning in less than 47% of cases. Moreover, the Lakers have very poor statistics in home matches, in which bookmakers consider them unconditional favorites. Over the past 10 seasons, in cases where the Lakers were offered a “-10” head start and higher, the team was able to break it in only 37% of matches. Indicative numbers, right?

Similar numbers can be found in other popular teams.

Conclusion: not always a popular team meets the expectations of bookmakers. And blindly put on it is not recommended. The name of the team does not guarantee victory. In this case, it is much wiser to try to catch the bookmakers and play against obvious favorites.

Since draws in basketball are very rare, offices usually give a two-digit coefficient for this outcome. If the bookmakers do not give quotes for a draw, then this means that the bet is accepted taking into account overtime.

Total Points

In basketball, betting on totals is also very popular. Their principle is the same as in other sports. The bookmaker offers you the total points scored by two teams (or each team separately), and your task is to predict whether the teams will score a given number of points. Depending on the league and the tournament, as well as on the playing teams, the total may fluctuate. As a rule, in the NBA, the total ranges from 180 to 220 points. In student basketball and European championships, it will be an order of magnitude lower: 120-160.

Betting on total in basketball is perhaps the most popular market. In murals, offices usually give a large number of totals.

Winning Margin

This bet is very popular among players who like to take risks. You bet that one team will win the match, but the loser will lag in the specified range, for example, from 2 to 10 points. Bookmakers give very high odds for such events. If you can predict such an outcome, then you will get a big profit.

Half Time / Full Time

One of the main nuances that must be taken into account when betting on quarters and halves in basketball is the composition of the participants in the match. The fact is that if both teams go to the site with the main squads, then the game will most likely develop according to the usual scenario and you should not count on surprises. Based on this, it is better not to choose the object of the bet as an event.

Predictions for quarters and half in basketball should be made in the case when the leaders or main players of one of the opponents are not in good shape or are absent for any reason. Among other things, the third and fourth quarters are usually not the most productive if one of the teams earned a significant advantage in the first half of the game. Based on all these aspects, it is recommended to make bets and predictions for quarters in basketball to get the maximum potential win.

Half-match bets may be the same as the entire match. That is, totals, winners, double outcomes, odds, individual totals and much more will be available to you.


Overtimes in basketball happen infrequently, so many players do not even take them into account. Typically, bettors bet either on a net victory of a team or on a victory with a certain handicap. Betting on overtime in basketball is considered as stupid as betting on an accurate score in football. Such betting markets are very difficult to predict, but you can play on them.

In fact, overtime in the game does not happen as rarely as is commonly believed. Take for example the statistics of the last NBA season. Of the 30 league teams, there is not one that has not tied at least once during the season in regular time. Individual teams from 82 games of the regular season of 5-7 matches are tied. Utah scored 10 matches, and Dallas as many as 12.

For NBA matches, bookmakers usually give odds in the range of 10.00-15.00 for overtime. It is easy to calculate that you can be in the black by constantly putting on overtime in the matches of a good half of the league teams.

Of course, there are reverse examples, like San Antonio and Phoenix, who spent just one overtime game in a season. If you put such teams on overtime, then you can go broke very quickly.

Race To

Racing to N-points in basketball is a type of bet on the effectiveness of teams. The outcome implies the following – which of the opponents will reach the indicated mark in the form of points faster. For example, which team will score 15 points in the match first?

  • 1 – the first 5/10/15/20 points will be collected by team 1 (home team);
  • X is a draw. None of the teams will score the indicated number of points (in a separate quarter or match);
  • 2– first 5/10/15/20 points, team 2 (guests) will earn.

Player Specials

Totals come in many forms. One of the most interesting is the totals of individual players (bookmakers choose scorers for such bets). Each basketball team has its own star players, whose attack brings the most points for the team. The bet is designed so that you will guess the player’s personal indicators for this match. For example, LeBron scores more than 20 points almost every match. You will be offered a total of 25.5 more or less on it, and you can also bet on how many minutes a player will spend on the floor, how many three-pointer will score, whether he will make a triple-double and so on.

Basketball Betting Strategies

Back the Favorites After a Loss

In order for your basketball bets to be profitable, the first thing you need to do is to analyze the statistics. Moreover, initially – over the past few months, and only then move on to the current analysis.

Remember that most of the players really accelerate after about 10-12 games of the season.

But there is a special situation when one of the leaders of the championship is defeated, after which at home he plays with a really weak opponent from the bottom of the table. And, most importantly, for many bettors to begin to actively put on a positive head start this weak team. But at home, the team won. It was in this match that one could safely put on a negative head start an obvious favorite, because here both tricks of the bookmakers were nullified. This is the essence of the strategy.

Wait for the Line-Ups

There are a number of reasons and factors to consider when planning a basketball bet.

  1. Teams with a young roster often play with better results than not updated ones. As practice shows, game veterans are not inclined to maintain physical fitness in the offseason.
  2. The first week of the season usually shows the results of the games slightly lower than expected.
  3. Despite the fact that teams with a young roster play better, a highly updated team often makes mistakes. More often these errors are at the beginning of the season. If there are too many newcomers to the team, then the results of the team of past seasons, it is useless to take into account when betting.

Injuries to athletes. When planning to determine the degree of influence of a player’s sportswear on team performance, do not forget to monitor its importance within the system. Injuries to leading players are often able to spoil the overall picture of performance.


Basketball teams spend 10-12 matches per month, which, undoubtedly, is only for the handicapers. The game form in 2-3 days is unlikely to change dramatically, so the statistics of recent games need to be paid extra attention. Statistics in basketball in general is of great importance, so ask how teams play at home, away, which of them has better statistics of personal meetings.

Although motivation in sports has always played an important role, it does not seem such a significant factor in NBA matches. In this league, players play for a lot of money, which motivates no worse than the situation in the standings.

Much depends on the skill of the team, so always keep track of injuries and disqualifications of players. There are other factors that also affect the outcome to some extent.

Such bets are especially important when the regular season ends. Usually at the end of the season there are teams that have already guaranteed themselves access to the playoffs. But there are those who have to win a lot to get into the final matches. Therefore, the motivation of teams that may not reach the finals is much higher and it is worth betting on them.


Is basketball a good sport to bet on?

Basketball is very popular and profitable for betting. A huge variation of bets is offered here, and analyzing a match, especially in live, can bring you a lot of money if you are good at this sport.

Are there opportunities to make a good profit from basketball betting?

Basketball is a great way to earn money on bets in betting shops, having its own characteristics and secrets. In addition, the strategies for betting on basketball differ from football just in their approach to different leagues, championships, countries, which means they more accurately assess the future outcome of the competition.

How do I best get started when betting on basketball?

Here are the key points you should analyze before the match:

  1. Home flooring.
  2. Motivation / Underestimation.
  3. Always browse all markets for a match.
  4. Check for injured players.

Is basketball a safe & fair market to bet on?

To achieve complete safety when betting on basketball, you need to choose only legal bookmakers. You can find them in our list of the best bookmakers, accepting bets on basketball.