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How to Select a Cricket Betting Site

This sport is considered to be elitist, since historically it is not very popular and very rare, but in Britain and especially in India it is very developed, so the online betting sites for cricket regularly publish lines for high-level matches.To be able to bet on any cricket event, you need to choose the best bookmaker.

You must choose a site that offers the widest line of cricket. You will find such murals at cricket betting sites. In addition, the margin on such events will never exceed more than 5%.

Cricket is a very difficult sport with many rules. To successfully win in this game, you need to know all the nuances of the game up and down. This will help you win more often. Small details of the match can change the situation from the other side.

The best british bookmakers accepting cricket bets take places in the upper half of the Pro-Gamble bookmakers rating.

Most Popular Cricket Betting Markets

To Win the Match

Typically, bookmakers only accept bets on team victories, but a draw is possible in cricket. There are two varieties of a draw: by score or by time. Almost all bookmakers do not place bets on a draw, and when it happens, make a return to all players who bet on victory.

To choose a team that wins the match, you need to check a lot of information before the match. First, full-time statistics of the meetings of these teams can help you. Previous matches with other teams may also be available to you. This will help you evaluate the team’s form and teamwork. You will also see which bunch of batsmen plays best.

Player of the Match

Cricket is very rare when one player is stronger than his teammates, so this bet will be very risky. The player received more points in the team. His game helps the team win. The team needs to be evaluated in the best teams. Cricket is a team sport.

Top Batsman

The batsman deflects punches until he is removed from the game. For a batsman to change, you need to:

  • Catch the ball without touching the ground to the team that plays in the field.
  • If the serving player knocks the gate, that is, the batter did not hit the ball.
  • The batsman did not dodge the ball and he fell into his body.
  • The gate broke during the wound.

If the ball was introduced into the game, that is, the kicking player hit with a bat, then he must run to the next court. At this time, the player standing opposite him runs to the place of the batter. Touching the gate with any part of the body is awarded a point.

In the best cricket betting site you can bet on the best batsman of the game. It is very difficult to make such a bet, since you never know how the match will go. But for the most powerful cricket fans, an analysis of such a bet is possible.

Top Bowler

A bowler is the player who throws the ball. His task is to get into the gate for the batsman. It is also his task that the kicking player does not hit the ball with a bat. He needs to submit complex innings so that the ball is not put into the game and the team does not score points.

A bet on a bowler is how many players he will replace from the opposing team. That is, the player’s task is to serve the ball as difficult as possible for the opposing team. His role in the team during the defense is very important. You can bet on its performance if you analyze this bet.

Highest 1 Innings Opening Partnership

In cricket sports, two bowlers are always bits in partnership, although only one is a striker at any time. The partnership between the two submitters will come to an end when one of them is dismissed or resigns, or the filing comes to an end.

To bet on such an event, you need to select a group of players (2 or 3 people) that will win more points for the team. To win such a bet, you must know which groups of players most often bring their team the most points. In addition, a bet is offered – a race to points. This means which group will score the indicated number of points faster.

1st Innings Lead

A fairly popular betting market in protracted test matches, because in order to find out the result of the first innings, you do not have to wait a few days. In the line to the first innings you can usually find all the bet types indicated above. The fact is that cricket matches can last from 3 hours to 5 days. Therefore, you can always bet on any outcome in cricket match betting sites in 1 inning. So you can quickly get a win or lose in the bet and you won’t have to wait very long.

Most Run Outs

According to cricket rules, the only way to get points for your team is to make wounds. A wound is a situation where a batsman runs to the other end of the field. This run requires the batsman to hit the ball with his bat. In a situation where both running players exchanged positions, then one point to the team counts. To study the details of the wounds in more detail, you need to read the rules of the game, which we indicated below in this article.

That is, in this bet you need to predict the team that will make the most wounds and guess their number in the form of total.

To Win Series

Another type of bet is accepted on the To Win Series. This bet means the team that will earn points for their team the longest. That is, whose team on the attacking side will last the most. Such a bet is actually considered one of the most popular among professional betters, because with proper analysis you can get a stable profit. If you take into account the composition and strength of teams, then you can constantly predict this outcome.

Draw No Bet

The nature of cricket is such that a match lasting from two to five days (the so-called test match) can end in a draw. In five-day matches, in which only teams from different countries participate, each team gets two opportunities to serve and beat (two innings – two rounds of the wicket throw). In the championship of England, where county teams compete, matches last four days.

A draw is possible in the game (by score or time), but bookmakers do not add this outcome to the list. In case of a tie, the transaction is calculated by return (with a coefficient of 1.0).

To Win the Toss

Which team will win the draw. This bet implies the choice of the team that will beat first. Here bettors are invited to predict which team will be the first to beat off in the match. In fact, this proposal can be compared with a football bet: “Which team will start the match from the center of the field.”

This is a bet on luck. It is impossible to predict it. Since the choice of the first attacking team depends on the flip coin. As you know, the coin has two sides, which means the chance of victory in this bet is 50/50. It is not recommended to make such bets, as this is beneficial only to the bookmaker.

1st Wicket Method

Many offices offer to put on how the first gate will be destroyed. The essence of the bet is that you must guess the method of destruction of the first gate. There are various wicket ways in a cricket match such as Caught, Bowled, LBW, Runout, etc.

The player must guess which gate will be destroyed first. In fact, the bet is very difficult to guess, but the odds are very good for this event.

Cricket Betting Strategies

Given the national characteristics of cricket, we can say that this sport is of interest to professional bettors. Here the line moves not only under the influence of any specific factors, but also at the expense of the fans. A huge audience of fans in the UK, Australia, India, Pakistan and other countries moves the line at the expense of betting on their favorite team. Therefore, often the odds in the line of bookmakers do not reflect the essence of what is happening on the site.

We have already said that betting on cricket must be done, starting not only from a complete understanding of this sport, but also when operating with large amounts of information. You need to know everything about the teams participating in the match, as well as related factors: weather and climate conditions.

Cricket is great for live betting. One of the features of this sport is the unhurried development of events. That is, already having certain information on hand, the bettor can watch the match for some time, assess the risks, the likelihood of changes in weather conditions, etc., and only then can risk his money. This allows you to get some advantage over the bookmakers. Especially since the best online cricket betting sites offer live bets on major cricket tournaments.

Cricket Rules

Cricketers try to hit the ball after a defensive team.

  • The fight is carried out on an oval-shaped grass field, in the middle of which there is a rectangular zone – an earthen pitch. It is indicated by special gates – devices made of wood in the form of an inverted “W”.
  • Matches are held between two teams – 11 players on each side. The field has a round shape and can distinguish all the main actions.
  • Two teams take turns, and all who attack are just two players in the field, one with opposite sides.
  • The attacking player tries to collect as many runs as possible – “wounds” – in the allotted “overs”, or until he is put out of protective defensive play. Batman is trying to do everything possible so that the rivals do not have enough polarity.
  • The positions of the bowler and the batsman are taken in turn by all participants from both sides. Each krikerist can make 6 shots, collectively called “over”. The bowler throws the ball, and the batsman hits it. Points are awarded for the range of the projectile: to the edge of the pitch – 4 points, beyond it – 6. If the ball does not fly far enough, the batsman can get extra points by reaching the opposite gate and returning.
  • The rest of the team members are scattered around the site, their task is to stop the opponent from getting points and defending the wicket. In the event of the destruction of the gate, the batsman is taken out of the game. And so it goes on until the last participant, after which the first period of the game, the inning, ends. After this, the teams change positions.
  • If successful, and subject to certain other conditions, the team earns wounds. However, the fulfillment of certain gaming conditions – the destruction of California and others – the withdrawal from the game.
  • The attack of the teams, the so-called innings, continues until 10 teams are withdrawn from the games, after which the opponents will be roles.

Cricket Formats

The game rules provide for several formats for the match, including the system of a limited number of overs. The system involves holding a match in one or two innings, which may be limited in time or in the number of overs. The rules traditionally use the English system of measures, while new versions of the rules include measurements in SI.

It is important to know that each tournament is held according to its own rules. For example, the World Cup is held every 4 years, while it is played up to 20 innings. Other tournaments are respectively held according to the regulations of the organizations that organize the tournament.

Cricket Competitions & Tournaments

The Ashes

This is probably one of the most popular tournaments held between England and Australia every 2 years. So historically, these countries are the most ardent rivals in this sport. Therefore, the players give all their best. This tournament is very entertaining and attracts every time even those who are far from cricket.

The ICC Cricket World Cup

This championship is held every 4 years among countries around the world. The scoreboard consists of qualifications, group stages, semifinals and finals, respectively. These are official tournaments held by ICC. That is, its analogue is the World Cup, which is also held every 4 years.

The T20 World cup

The event is usually held every two years. The tournament currently consists of 16 teams, including eight of the best teams from the ranking for a specified period and four other teams selected through the T20 World Cup Qualifier. All matches are played at Twenty20 Internationals. In each group stage (as the preliminary round and Super 10 rounds), teams are ranked against each other, based on the following criteria:

  • More points.
  • If equal, more wins.

Twenty is a modernized ODI with a maximum commercial approach and a limit of 20 overs per innings.

Indian Premier League

This tournament is held regularly every year, but its denouement takes place in April and May. Tournament participants are 8 teams from cities in India and some states. This league is considered the most popular cricket. Every year she gathers tens of thousands at the stadium and spectators for live broadcasts. This is a huge event in the cricket world that you can bet on online cricket betting sites.


Is cricket a good sport to bet on?

The sport is easy to analyze. Sort statistics, form, motivation and weather. Do not forget about the tournament formats, which differ in the nuances in the rules and the duration of the fights. Amateurs who distort the line and odds put on cricket. If you master the basics of discipline, you can find values ​​and be in the black.

Is cricket a safe & fair market to bet on?

Quotes are often set using special programs, as the sport is not very popular. Therefore, finding profitable odds is very easy and simple. This is a profitable sports for betting, if you understand it.

How do I best get started when betting on cricket?

To start betting well on cricket, you must first learn all the rules in detail. This will help you keep track of the game live and track the points that can bring victory. Then you need to study the information about the teams, their statistics, game links. This will greatly help you analyze matches. And of course, do not forget about the weather, the arena and other details.