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How to Bet on Football

Every year, football conquers and unites more and more people. All conditions have been created for fans so that they watch their favorite game every day. The huge popularity of the sport affects the volume of bets in football betting sites. Betting on football is a goldmine for bookmakers, because many fans bet on football matches because they think that they understand the game.

If you want to know how to understand football betting, you will need to carefully study this material, as well as other articles on similar topics. You will find them on our website, which provides complete information about online football betting sites in UK, and also indicates all the positive and negative sides of these companies. In addition, we post a huge amount of other useful information about betting on football matches and other sporting events.

Match Odds

Football in the lines of offices takes the first line. Open any BC and see for yourself that rates are given special attention to this discipline. Here are the most profitable quotes, variable painting and high transaction limits.

In other sports there are not so many match-ups. Do not consider tournaments in which suspicious games regularly appear. First of all, this is the championship of Albania, but TOP leagues can also be dangerous. The scandals in the Italian Serie A died out not so long ago.

Never bet on matches with your favorite clubs and players. If you sympathize with someone, it is almost impossible to impartially analyze the outcome. Think with your head, not your heart.

To earn money by betting on football is not enough to love this game. Required to live football. Watching broadcasts, reading analytical materials and reviews, analyzing events, searching for bets and more – all this takes a lot of time and effort.

  • Football betting odds. Betting on a draw is dangerous. Such bets require experience. It is better for a beginner to insure against a handicap or a double outcome, even if the choice is confirmed by analysis. Only professionals manage to be in the black at a distance when playing with odds of about 3.0. It is these quotes that are offered for a draw, if there is no clear favorite. Practice betting on a draw on paper, so as not to lose real money. View tournament statistics and avoid successful championships. Focus on 2-3 leagues and actively follow the matches in them. Exclude derby, principle duels and cup confrontations.
  • Handicap betting in football. Handicap in football equalizes the chances of rivals. It is inappropriate to bet the favorite with a coefficient of 1.12, but if you take his win with a negative handicap, then the quotes will increase to 1.5-2.5, depending on the size of the handicap. The forums are used for different purposes: someone is reinsured by flirting a plus or zero handicap, while someone increases the coefficient by placing on a large negative handicap.

Correct Score

Quotes for any variant of an accurate account are always high, because it is difficult and even impossible to predict this outcome.

Any ridiculous rebound, rebound, goalkeeper or referee mistake, leads to an unexpected goal. Predicting such nuances is unrealistic. Therefore, professionals avoid adventurous bets. It’s much better to get less from one transaction, but regularly than increase the amount 5-10 times, then lose 5-10 bets in a row and win nothing.

Indeed, in quite popular accounts in football 2:0 or 2:1 bookmakers in most matches offer odds of at least 10. It would seem that this is a great opportunity to bet a round sum and quickly increase it ten times! However, in fact, bets on this very specific market, in most cases, lead to defeat if you treat them like an amateur.

Unlike the most common types of football betting, which include a win, draw or defeat of one of the teams, the betting market on an accurate account offers many options. Some bookmakers offer crazy odds on bets like 10: 9 (can you imagine if a football match would end with such, not even a hockey, but rather a handball outcome), others are limited to more realistic outcomes (most often up to 3: 3), offering on all the others make a bet “another account”.

Goalscorer Bets

Total football betting

Total in football is the number of goals. Less often – other actions: violations, corner, yellow cards, etc.

Analyzing the event by the number of goals scored, statistics are necessarily taken into account: goal difference, results of recent fights and face-to-face duels, xG statistics, opponents’ activity: corners, shots, goals, implementation and so on.

Do not attach too much importance to the last game. Team uniforms and recent matches play a role, but do not exaggerate their importance. Football players can demonstrate high performance in 3-4 matches, but this does not mean that in the next meeting, the situation will happen again. Goals in past games rarely affect future performance. Differentiate between home and guest performances of teams. The tactics and manner of the game may vary depending on the place of the game. At home, the team is forced to attack more in their native stands, and on the road it’s not a sin to defend themselves and win one point.

The number of goals is not the basis for arguing a bet. Dig deeper. Disassemble the moments that show the attacking potential of the team more objectively. Look at the number of blows from where they are applied, analyze the effectiveness of the shots. It is important to take into account the allowed hits on their goal. These numbers are more stable than goals scored. Thanks to these statistics, team strength is determined without watching matches.

Football Goal Betting

In addition to the total of the match, there is an individual total when the goals of one team are counted. You can bet just on goal.

A popular market is “both will score.” See more about it here. There is still a bet on the first / last goal of the team, but this is random, because predicting an event over a long distance is problematic.

Betters are attracted by bets on the goals of individual players, but usually on those players who show high performance, the odds are in the area of ​​two. This value is not comparable with the risks. Where it is better to put the team on goals scored or find other options.

Ante-Post Bets

Long-term betting is betting on the results of the championships, transitions of football players and coaching appointments. Unique markets are less common, for example, the success of players in new teams or the sports fate of children of stellar athletes.

Analyzing the long-term outcome, predict the microclimate in the team. Consider the attitude of the club management with the coaching staff, since a resignation at the height of the season can spoil the forecast. Study the schedule of all competitions and think about how the team will behave in various situations. Do not forget to understand the transfer policy, because a decent reinforcement will make the club stronger, and the departure of leaders – weaker. Look at the ratio and weigh the risks. Suppose Bayern is the undisputed favorite of the Bundesliga, but betting on its triumph for 1.15 is stupid. Sensations happen all the time.

Ranking the Best Football Betting Sites

Football has been, is and will be the most attractive sport for placing bets. This fact is explained quite simply – the most popular sport attracts the most fans, who make up the vast majority of sports betting enthusiasts. It seems that football should be equally widely represented at various bookmakers, since it attracts the attention of millions of people around the world. However, in practice this statement is not true. Therefore, we now suggest that you study the information that will help you find the best soccer betting websites.

Status Of The Site

This question is acute not only for beginners, periodically doubts also begin to prevail among experienced players. The general criteria for evaluating the competence of top football betting sites are simple:

  • legal status – a guarantee of protection against fraud;
  • maximum limits for bet amounts;
  • guarantee payments;
  • bookmaker margin level;
  • an extensive selection of matches in the line and options for betting on the list.

In order not to risk significant amounts at once, we recommend that you try the game in different football betting sites in UK for small amounts. So you can painlessly evaluate the features, rules and attitude of the bookmaker to the players.

Pro – gamble will help you in choosing the best football betting sites online for betting on football matches, including rugby. Having compared in practice several bookmakers, choose the best one for this sport or even a separate tournament. Nobody forbids playing on several resources at the same time.

The Pro – gamble website offers you your own version of the list of the best football betting sites for football betting. In the presented top – only selected bookmakers with the best offers for fans of betting on football.


The choice of a bookmaker to place bets on football matches does not differ from general criteria. The difference is only in the line and bonus offers. The filling of the line with secondary events does not indicate a desire to confuse the players.

Only for beginners, the championships of India or Japan will seem like nobody needs bad matches, bettors know more experimentally that having understood the nuances of such tournaments it is much easier to predict the general course of events in the future than in European top championships and European competitions. Not to mention national team matches. Indeed, pay attention and try it yourself, the simplest statistics of your own forecasts will help confirm these words.

If the bookmaker ignores less popular championships in the pre-match line or does not include them in the live line, then there is a desire to lead players to the need to choose from what is. Limiting the choice obviously indicates the weakness of the bookmaker, since he has enormous experience and an accurate calculation of analysts. Deliberate trimming of the line speaks of an unprofessional approach; such bookmakers should be excluded from the list of candidates for constant play at football matches.

A detailed list of football matches also provides additional opportunities for a successful game. The more options, the more chances. If you think that in each of the halves of the match, its participants must score by a goal, then you should be able to put money on the bid “Goal in both halves – yes”, otherwise a correct forecast does not make sense.

The choice of a bookmaker for betting on football is obvious – among the reliable offices in terms of limits and payouts, it is necessary to determine who gives the widest selection of events and options for betting before the match and live.

Not the least role is played by the level of betting margin. Be at least as good as you are, but if you cut off too fat a percentage from each set coefficient, you gradually steal the players ’profit, reducing your own risks. For a quick assessment of this parameter, bets with two outcomes, for example, totals, are best suited. Find events with an equal probability of outcome by a total less and a total greater and compare with the odds set, the closer their sum to four, the lower the percentage of the bookmaker cuts itself.

In-Play Betting

Best soccer betting sites for live bets have long become the main operators of the gaming market and this is not surprising! At the end of the last century, online bookmakers came out, and this completely changed the industry, you no longer had to stand in line at a betting office or keep a bank in cash. Many young players can’t even imagine how to bet without the Internet! New technologies have led not only to the development of bookmakers, but also to the growth of professionalism of their customers, who have begun to bet better, taking advantage of the availability of the necessary information.

The best football betting sites in UK must have the following criteria:

  • Odds remain the determining criterion when choosing any bookmaker, the margin value in the live line directly determines the level of your profitability. Also crucial is the dynamics of change – how quickly the odds are rising. It happens that two bookmakers open with the same line, but during the game it is already very different!
  • Website speed and usability is always a quick decision’s making and instant bet placement. On a slow site with a long search for the desired outcome, you not only lose precious seconds and nerves, but you can miss potential profit.
  • The coverage of the line and the depth of painting is important only for those players who prefer to bet on unpopular tournaments or statistical indicators. Otherwise, if we are talking about the main outcomes and top competitions, then in this case any bookmaker will provide the necessary choice.
  • Reliability of payments and reputation, of course, the necessary qualities for any bookmaker, but they are even more relevant to live. Live bets are always debatable moments, for example, a goal can happen right after your bet and many bookmakers will cancel, so decency of the office is very important. It is also worth paying attention to the speed of calculating bets during the game, because many players with a small bank need to immediately receive a win in order to put it into circulation again.
  • Players who engage in live forks need a quick withdrawal of funds from the game account (we will talk about this separately below). Such players distribute their bank among many accounts, and some of them grow after winning the fork, others, accordingly, dramatically “lose weight”. Forklifts need to regularly and very quickly redistribute their bank across several accounts and the speed of payments is not the first plan.

Live Streaming

Online video broadcasts play a big role in determining bets by definition. Since we are talking about the fact that live allows you to more effectively determine the balance of power by viewing the game, then you need to have access to such broadcasts.

Of course, there is a small nuance here – it’s not at all necessary to watch the game in the office where you put it, it’s convenient, but still not necessary. You can watch the game on third-party resources, including on the site of another bookmaker, and put on your own. But all the best online football betting sites always offer players to watch live matches on their website. Be sure to choose just such a bookmaker.

Mobile Betting

The time spent sitting in the halls of bookmakers has gone with the advent of personal computers and the ubiquity of the Internet. For a long time, anyone can register by registering on the website of the bookmaker’s office to place a bet without even leaving the apartment. But the pace of life is accelerating, people are constantly on the move, and the only thing that is always at hand is a smartphone or tablet.

Top online football betting sites, develops mobile versions of sites or special applications so that a person who makes bets has the opportunity to use the services of the Bank at any time, wherever he is.

In order to place bets from your phone (smartphone, tablet), it is enough that your device supports the mobile browser and has Internet access. With mobile applications, the situation is somewhat more difficult, since the application is developed for the OS of your device. Most mobile applications are developed with support for Android, IOS, Windows Phone systems, on which the vast majority of mobile platforms work.

You can download the application through the official website. There are several ways to install such an application.


Bonus is an encouragement from the bookmaker in favor of the player. Bonus – a marketing move, a way to attract a player to the office, on favorable terms. In the end, both parties are satisfied: the bookmaker receives a new client (in a particular case), the player receives some kind of encouragement. Anyone can use the bonus from the bookmaker, whether he is a new player (a bonus during registration) or an experienced bettor, an active player.

For regular players, of course, bookmakers also periodically hold promotions in order to please their customers. You need to make a reservation right away, there is nothing wrong with the bonus offers themselves, there are no tricks and pitfalls, however, you need to carefully read the conditions of such rewards.

Football Betting – Tips

Study the Form

Analysis of football bets should take into account the current form of football players. If the football season is just beginning, it’s hard to understand who is capable of what. Players only “get involved” after the pre-season training, new players are still adapting in the team, coaches are still experimenting with the game scheme and starting lineup, overloading the players at the training camp. In such cases, it is recommended to bet on clubs that have had minimal changes in composition.

Analyze the form during the season and make the right choice easier. To do this, just look at the statistics. In football, there are teams whose game is highly dependent on several key players. During the championship, they may be injured, and they may not find an adequate replacement, which will negatively affect the result of the team.

Use Your Head

Parse 10-15 matches  a day will not work. Better select a few games and focus on analyzing them.

In determining the winner, motivation plays a huge role. The winner is not always the strongest, but the one who needs this victory more. For example, in national cups you can bet against the favorites, because sometimes the grandees ignore such tournaments and put up second squads. But outsiders are trying to prove themselves to the maximum.

Studying the composition of opponents, predict how the team will play without specific players. Will the coach be able to compensate for the loss of reserve footballers or tactical moves?

The team is not able to play out the entire season exactly. Winnings and losses alternate. Pay attention to the latest results in order to evaluate the game form. Watch the latest fights.

In addition to these key nuances, analyze the statistics of face-to-face duels, games on your own and another’s field, the mood inside the team, tournament tasks and the principle of confrontation. Do not forget about the weather, referee, calendar and other seemingly insignificant factors.

Be Wary of Accumulators

There are a number of players in the bets who love risk, which leads to the game at high odds, but at the same time there is a huge army of bettors who put their bets in the bookmakers with hedging.

As a result, it turns out that an attempt to hedge strongly leads at a long distance to a complete loss. Everything should know its measure, so it is better to play at higher rates, alternating risky bets with moderate insurance.

Playing only on bets with moderate insurance, it is also difficult to be in a constant plus, because in this case 60% of the bets made should be winning. And if you alternate risk with safety net, then in this case the percentage of the required winnings drops below 50%, which adequate players can very well achieve. But you only need to know when and under what circumstances one or another type of bet should be applied. How is this done in practice?

Parlays Over Accas

Accas is a single bet in which multiple expresses are put together. The peculiarity of the system is that to win it is not necessary to guess all the outcomes, as, for example, in the same express train. This significantly increases the likelihood of passing a bet.

However, the system in sports betting is less popular among players than expresses or ordinaries. The fact is that players can not always figure out what the system is in sports betting, how to use it and what advantages can be obtained.

The main concept in betting on a system is dimension. It is indicated by two digits, for example 2 out of 3, 2 out of 5, 3 out of 5 and so on.

The first digit is how many outcomes the player included in one express of this system.

The second digit is the total number of outcomes selected.

For example, a system dimension of 3 out of 5 means that a player has placed 5 expresses in a bet with 3 outcomes of events.

Betting on the system when used properly has advantages. The main plus is that the player will make a profit or, in any case, will not go negative if, as a result, one of the events selected by the player ends contrary to the forecast, as would happen in an express bet. The advantage of the system over an ordinary type bet is that if you win on all outcomes, there will be more profit.

But if you compare the system and the express profit, under the same conditions the potential gain on the express will be greater.

Become the Bookie

Unfortunately, many players are not professionals in sports betting. But the bookmakers have their own analysts who make up the line and the odds. To make a profit, you need to monitor the status of the ratios. If the chances for one event began to fall sharply, it means that the bookmaker has learned something. Based on this, you can make a profitable bet. You can monitor such situations on your own or with the help of special programs and services.

Stick to Your Limits

Decide what is the maximum amount you can deposit on bets. On the one hand, too high a budget can lead to personal bankruptcy. On the other hand, a small budget will limit you a bit. Follow the rules of this article and place the correct bets that will reduce the risk of large losses to almost zero. The newbie’s maximum budget according to the “basic rule based on many experience” should be 10% of your monthly income. Remember that losing is bad.

Football Betting Strategies

Back & Lay

In football matches, most market participants bet on the favorite of the match. The most commonly used strategy is Back on Favorite. The probability of such an outcome is quite high, so many people put it this way. It is best to place bets at the very beginning of the game, while the favorite has not yet managed to score a goal. With this strategy, the odds on the game and form should be taken into account. If the favorite is a coefficient of 1.2 or lower, but there is no full confidence in his victory, then you should not place such a bet. If the coefficient is 1.5-1.8, then the Back bet on the favorite may well pay for itself. You should also learn how to feel the course of the match, as often favorites can simply merge their games for one reason or another. And traders because of this are in a serious minus.

Another popular strategy is Lay on a favorite. Its advantage, according to traders, is to make big profits with relatively low risks. But there are also some pitfalls to consider. For example, you can miss a good moment to place a bet, since the odds are changing rapidly.

Value Bet

In simple terms, Value betting is what professional bettors do. They look in the line for inflated odds and bet exclusively on them.

Overestimated odds, or values ​​(from value – value) appear in the line due to underestimation or revaluation by bookmakers of a particular team. Skews in the line are inevitable for a number of reasons:

  • The analyst of the bookmaker, who is responsible immediately for a large number of championships, cannot be 100% expert in each of them.
  • Constantly there is news from the team about injuries, transfers, changes in the starting lineups.

In-Play Strategies

To make a profit in live, you need:

  • Statistics and analysis. It is necessary to have information: in what form players, injuries, cards, strengths and weaknesses of teams and much more. Carefully analyze, monitor the upcoming match, wait for the right minute, odds, moment to make a bet.
  • Ability to read the game. This is an experience that is formed with every game. Learn to “predict” the development of the match.
  • Psychological load. In live mode, the time to make a decision will be very limited. Nervousness, intense tension, high excitement are characteristic of the player. Take breaks, take a break from the games.

If there was a win-win strategy, bookmakers would long ago become bankrupt.

Over / Under Goals

All the cappers can be divided into two conditional groups: those who bet on the total more, and those who prefer to play only the total less. But the analysis of matches for each group is the same. Now you need to decide on the categories of championships, where most of the time your work will take place. To do this, you need to open the statistics of football leagues, which prescribe the average number of goals per match. The most successful championship of the TOP 5 is Germany. Indeed, the Germans score a lot in almost every game. But not every match, of course, ends with three or more goals scored. Plus, not every tour is distinguished by its effectiveness. But, if we take the average performance for the season, then Germany certainly stands out from the rest of the leading European championships.

Effective matches are in Greece and in Russia, little productive meetings are found in Germany and Holland. But at a distance to go into a significant plus is quite realistic, if you adhere to a certain concept of the game.


Is online football betting legal?

Sure. An online soccer betting sites in Britain is fully permitted if a player is over 18 years old and plays in a casino which has the legal right to provide its services and has a license.

Can I use a free bet on an accumulator?

Yes, you can use them if this is permitted under the conditions of the promotion. Learn more in the bookmaker office in the rules of the promotion.

Should I bet In-Play & / or use Cash-Out?

Yes, during the match you can bet on any events that the bookmaker offers you. But you can withdraw the money that you bet on the event only after the end of the match or if you sell your bet. But during the game you can withdraw the money that is currently on your balance.

How can I avoid being scammed when betting?

First, check your company’s license. The next step is to read the reviews and our review on Pro – gamble. If we recommend a bookmaker, then he is really good and you can trust him.