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What is Live Betting & How Does It Work?

Live bets are those bets that are made in real time, that is, those matches that are being played right now. For example, you are watching some kind of game, even in tennis, and you understand that one of the athletes plays better and can win, but before the start of the meeting no one bet on him. In this case, it is possible to bet on it and win a lot of money.

If before the start of the match, bets on it are in the usual line, but immediately after the start they go to the live section. It can be a bet on the outcome, handicaps, totals, a double chance and all the same that is in the list before the meeting. But the odds can change every few seconds in accordance with the events taking place in the match. Online live betting sites usually have a separate section, most often the most interesting live bets are located directly on the main page.

Why Should You Live Bet?

Here are some guidelines to help you win:

  1. There are many live strategies. For example, you can bet on a favorite who started poorly, against a draw and so on. Choose the right strategy and put only on it.
  2. Do not use the live platform as a way to recoup after an unsuccessful series of bets. Knowing what live bets are does not give you the right to bet on the same match before it starts, and then, if you see that the bet will not play, on the opposite option during the game. This is a losing strategy.
  3. Do not use large amounts. There is a temptation to bet a thousand dollars on the victory of Real Madrid over Villarreal 2 minutes before the end of the match with a score of 1: 0. But this is football and anything can happen.

Quick earnings attract many, but “fast” does not mean “easy,” so players, in the pursuit of profit, lose control and merge the entire bank. Despite this, quick betting allows you to apply many strategies developed specifically for Live.

Some of these strategies are based on covering a bad bet or insurance. If a bet was made on one outcome before the starting whistle, and during the match you noticed something was wrong with your team, bet on the opposite outcome. But you can insure yourself not only this way. For example, you made an express train of three events, two of which have already ended in your favor. There remains the third, the last. To be guaranteed to remain in the black, make a safety net against the team on which you bet on the express. Now either the express or the ordinary will definitely play.

Monitoring the progress of the game is a great opportunity for additional analysis, based on which you can change the bet or completely abandon it. It is impossible to take into account many factors when analyzing a duel before the teams enter the field, and after the opportunity to watch their actions has presented themselves, the chances of a successful bet increase.

After the start of the event, the odds may increase. If before the game the odds of winning one of the teams were 1.45, then after 20 minutes played, if the account is not open, it may increase slightly – this is a good opportunity to earn more, risking the same.

Live is not a bad platform for the formation of “forks.” During the game, you can find several, but they do not exist for long. And even when finding a plug, it’s not a fact that you will have registrations in the offices between which it arose. Yes, and you need to react with lightning speed in order to have time to put the right amount to the required markets.

Live Stream & In-Play

Live betting is a special art. Live bets are special emotions that a game in a bookmaker gives.

Speaking about the advantages, first of all, it should be noted the ability to monitor the progress of the game using video, audio or text broadcasts. Of course, this is a huge plus, as it becomes possible to personally monitor what is happening on the field or court, to quickly respond to certain events that affect the course of the game, and just to witness a specific result. Many of the best in play betting sites offer their players live streams of matches directly on the site. This is very convenient for players who place bets.

Often there are situations when a judging decision, for example, due to the removal of a player, turns the game upside down. Watching what is happening, it becomes possible to catch a fairly advantageous offer.

The next advantage of live bets is their quick calculation. So, if you bet on the victory of a tennis player in a particular game, the result of the bet will be known in a few minutes, and you will not have to sit for several hours, days or even months, waiting for the result.

Which Sports Can You Live Bet On?

At any top live betting sites you can bet Live Bet on any matches and events that were available for betting before the match. There are even bets on board games such as Blackjack or eSports.

Clients of bookmakers are asking questions about which sport is better to bet online. Some are confident that only tennis will significantly increase the bank. Other bettors only bet on football. More advanced ones insist that the NBA is the most profitable competition for live deals. And let’s find out, finally.

Whatever kind of sport a bettor puts in live betting sites, one must always take into account its liquidity. According to statistics, the most profitable disciplines are tennis, horse racing, cricket, baseball, Formula 1, basketball, darts.

As you can see, the list does not have football and hockey. This is absolutely not surprising, given the popularity of these disciplines among fans. Obviously, it’s more difficult to earn money on live football than on baseball. Many offices set higher margins on popular types of competitions.

Tennis competitions are held almost all year round. It is ideal for betting online for several reasons. Firstly, a bettor can bet on every next draw, and there are more than a hundred of them in the match. Secondly, each game can be considered an object for a deal with the office. Thirdly, the margin for many positions in live paintings in best live sports betting sites does not exceed 5%.

The main difference between online and offline bets is that the bettor is forced to follow the ups and downs of the game live and at the most favorable moments for himself to make a bet. It is appropriate to draw an analogy with exchange players who conclude profitable (sometimes unprofitable) transactions in certain periods. They somehow calculate these moments according to different schedules of the change in the price of the objects of rates.

In our case, the objects of live bets are players and teams, and the level of their game can be tracked not only by the broadcasts that betting sites with live streaming players provide, but also by statistics. In it you can find out how many players have realized free throws, the accuracy of the first serve in the first set, how many goals were won as a result of active actions on the net and generally on the court.

If offline you can put it at a convenient time, then online everything is exactly the opposite. Bettor is forced to adapt to his chosen fights. If, for example, the objects for betting are competitions held in America, then you can’t sleep at night. You need to be in good shape at this time. Matches of the NBA, NHL, tennis tournaments in the USA take place at night mainly. Therefore, the player plans his activities in advance.

In terms of timing, horse racing is a more convenient type of sport for online betting. They, like tennis, are held all year round. Since England is the birthplace of the race, bettors can bet at a convenient time for themselves during the races. You can guess not only winners, but also prize winners, as well as a couple who will cross the finish line first.

Experienced bettors have well learned that it is beneficial to specialize in not very popular sports. The fact is that offices for wrestling, short track, badminton, table tennis and other secondary disciplines set quotes based on statistics and without taking into account the real state of players and teams.

For example, if a badminton player showed good results at major tournaments, but at the next, not very prestigious, he decided to relax and performs worse than usual. This is clearly visible to specialists. Points are given to him with difficulty, even with outsiders. However, this is not displayed on quotes. They seem to be copied from previous competitions. Naturally, competent bettors skillfully use this. They bet on the opponent with a positive handicap, and often win.

The same principle can be applied to betting on rowing online. It happens that the leading athletes, together with the coaches, draw up plans, according to which it is planned to reach the peak of form for the World Championships and the Olympics. Often in the first regattas, rowers may not show the best results. At such competitions, you can make quite profitable bets online exactly against the favorites.

Advantages & Disadvantages With Live Betting

This type of betting bet has both pros and cons. The positive sides are:

  1. The result will be obtained very quickly. You will instantly know if the bet has played or not, at least much faster than if you bet on a regular line.
  2. More information available. After the start of the meeting, you already know everything about injuries, about who can score a goal in this meeting, about the shape of individual athletes, which is especially important for tennis, and so on. This will make it possible to make a correct prediction on the outcome of the match.
  3. You yourself can watch the game and draw conclusions. For example, you can see that a tennis player, hockey player or soccer player, despite everything, plays poorly. In team disciplines, you can see that the new tactics are not bearing fruit.

But this interesting type of bet has also negative sides:

  • Sometimes live betting sites do not respond on time. You watch a tennis match and you see that some kind of Murray is playing really well, although before the start of the match the coefficient was low due to his injury. You believe in the British, but the bookmaker is not there yet and gives you a completely different coefficient than it should have been. This sometimes happens.
  • Sometimes the odds are underestimated intentionally. Analysts of live sport betting sites, like betters, watch games and understand when an influx of bets can begin. They don’t want to lose their money. So you, in a sense, will have to try to outwit the bookmaker.

So it’s profitable to make such bets, but you need to be prepared for unforeseen situations.


Can I create more than one account?

In one bookmaker you can’t do this in any way. But you can create one account in different online live betting sites. But you won’t be able to make forks, as bookmakers are well protected from this.

Can I withdraw my money anytime from bookmakers?

Yes, payments take place around the clock. But you may be denied payment if you have violated the rules of the bookmaker. Most often this is a withdrawal of funds less than the allowable amount or the conditions of the bonus action are not met.

What are the markets?

Market – these are bets on sports events with odds accepted by bookmakers. The slang word market means sporting events for which bets are accepted at the bookmaker. You can also find an analogue of the word – betting market. At the same time, there is also the word bigmarket, denoting sports events for which bookmakers accept large bets.