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5.0 rating
Welcome Bonus: Up to £100 in extra bets. Minimum Deposit: £20. Expiration: 7 days from registration
5.0 rating
Welcome Bonus: Up to £100 in Bet Credits for new customers. Minimum Deposit: £5
5.0 rating
Welcome Bonus: Bet £5 get £20. 400% effective bonus. Credited as 4x £5 free bets. Min odds 1/2 (1.50)
5.0 rating
Deposit Bonus: Bet £10 and receive £30. Promo code: P30. Minimum odds of 1.5 apply on bets
4.3 rating
Welcome Bonus: 100% deposit bonus up to £50. TONY50 bonus code. 10x wagering on odds of 1.65+. Expiration: 30 days
4.7 rating
Welcome Bonus: 100% up to £100 in Free Bets. Minimum Deposit £20. Expiration: 7 days from registration
4.7 rating
Welcome Bonus: Double the odds paid in cash. Minimum Deposit: £10. Expiration: 30 days from registration
4.7 rating
Welcome Bonus: Bet £10 get £30 on 888Sport. Promo code 30F. Expiration: 7 days from registration
4.3 rating
Welcome Bonus: 100% up to £10. Minimum deposit: £10. Max. stake: £10. Min. Odds 1/1 (2.0). Max free bet £10

What Makes a Good Betting Site

This page lists best betting sites in UK. They are reliable operators of the sports betting industry. A wide selection of events, high betting limits, a friendly and efficient support service will give you an impeccable gaming experience. Before including these companies in the list of the best betting sites, we checked each of them to make sure that they are honest. Therefore, these sites can be fully trusted.


Evaluation of this characteristic reflects the margin of the bookmaker. The lower the margin, the higher the bookmaker’s odds and score. At the current stage, this estimate is determined manually and may not be accurate enough. Compare odds offered by different bookmakers to choose the most profitable one.

The higher the odds, the greater the winning bet. Betting at the best rates is the same as shopping at the best prices. It is best to find your middle ground among reliable bookmakers – the best British betting site, which will provide you with the necessary sports events and betting options at fairly high odds.

Any serious player knows the importance of finding great odds. This is the most significant advantage of online betting. There are objective reasons why online betting is better than land based bookmakers. Online bookmakers have lower costs and this allows them to make profitable offers for customers.

It is clear that there is some excitement if you have not tried to play on the site or through the application. But there is no reason for this, because you will play with certified bookmakers. In general, millions of people around the world have already appreciated all the advantages of betting on the Internet – you can place bets anywhere, anytime – on the way home or to work, on travel, in the country, etc.


Another important factor when choosing an office is the latitude of the line. In simple terms, the number of sporting events you can bet on. This parameter is becoming more flexible because more and more new offers appear in the lines of bookmakers. If before we could have been surprised by the presence of some exotic sports and bets on the results of elections, now even bets on the most unknown football tournament and the results of the “Voice” show are in the order of things. Of course, most players do not need such delights at all.

Popular sports are present at absolutely all bookmakers. The choice of office for this parameter is purely individual and depends on the preferences of the player himself. However, if you are interested in which popular betting sites to choose for eSports betting, then the parameter of the availability of the necessary disciplines, tournaments and even matches becomes decisive. You can find out which sites provide a detailed line for e-sports and other sports in our best UK betting sites reviews.

Similarly, you should approach the betting on events in the line. Basically, the best online betting sites try to copiously paint each match to meet the needs of any player. Therefore, choose a bookmaker that offers the most bets on one event.


Pay attention to how the site is made. Best sports betting sites should be designed to be understood by anyone. To get started, you just have to open an account and deposit money. Opening an account is a simple procedure, usually takes no more than an hour (you need to confirm your identity once). Most bookmakers offer a wide range of payment systems, so making a deposit is easy. This is very important, as you will play here for a long time.

When visiting a resource, everything should be intuitive to you. The player must get comfortable on the site in a very short time and find all the necessary tools without unnecessary problems and confusion. However, fast site browsing is still a matter of habit. Sites on which little is clear, we did not add the best bookmakers to our top.


As already mentioned, the full line of all events is not always given on the sites of bookmakers. If you play eSports, then select an office for your interests. Perhaps you like the look of the Toto bet or Sports Lotto. If you like such games, then be sure to check their availability in our top betting sites reviews.

In the new bookmakers for the players create a lot of new features. For example, almost all new bookmakers offer viewing of broadcasts of sports matches directly on the site. This is very convenient for those who make live bets. You don’t need to search for broadcasts and switch screens to place bets and watch at the same time. This is probably one of the main signs of good bookmakers.

The presence of a mobile application is another important element of the best bookmaker. With its, you can make bets, make banking, find out the results of your bets and watch broadcasts of matches at any time. A good bookmaker in your mobile application allows you to do everything the same as in the full version of the site.

Promotions & Offers

One of the main methods that companies use to motivate customers is bonuses. In practice, it’s easy to get extra money into your account simply by registering on a new site and opening your first deposit. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that in order to receive certain bonuses certain conditions must be met. You can get acquainted with the rules for their receipt on the official sites of the bookmaker and in our reviews of the best sports betting sites.

On our site you can find out in more detail the list of top sportbooks with bonus.

The most common welcome bonus is a deposit bonus – it is credited immediately after a new client deposits money. In order to become available for payment, it must be wagered – each sports site with a deposit sets its wagering conditions upon registration. Usually it is 100% of the amount of your deposit.

Payment Methods

Methods of payments in betting shops are a fundamental bettor tool, without which online sports betting simply would not exist. Before placing a bet, the player takes care of making a deposit to the bookmaker’s account. To receive a win, he is studying ways to cash out money with the least commission. Understanding payment instruments is no less important than knowing about margin, events painting and betting slang.

Betters with reliable payment methods without commissionscome to the forefront. Although it is impossible to imagine modern online transactions without commission fees. Whether it is a tax on winnings or a hidden commission when withdrawing winnings. These are the realities of online betting.

As soon as sports betting migrated to the Internet, online payments using Visa and MasterCard bank cards got the palm. Later, online banking and bank transfers were added. The methods are recognized as the safest on the network. The only negative is the long processing of withdrawal requests, also in some betting sites the issuing bank imposes a hidden commission on transactions when converting currencies. But when withdrawing funds there are no questions.

No less popular are electronic wallets (like Skrill or PayPal). Most offices accept payments through e-wallets without commissions, but the catch is waiting for the bettor when withdrawing funds from the electronic payment system itself, where 0.8-5% will have to be paid for each transaction. The way out is to cash through registered cards of the payment system or form orders through an electronic exchange office.

But you need to remember that the best online betting sites in UK that received an EU / EES license do not charge a commission on withdrawal.


The good and efficient work of the support service at the best legal betting sites, clear, understandable to the client concise answers great raise the mood of the player, he feels that there are always people on the back who are ready to help resolve all issues in an emergency. This is how an excellent support service can leave a client on the site of a bookmaker for a long time. That is what makes them the best internet betting sites.

Betting Online: Advantages & Disadvantages to Betting Shops

One of the main advantages of an online bookmaker over offline is the ability to bet without leaving your home, sitting in front of a laptop or computer. In a home environment, nobody and nothing will distract you, and it is extremely important to concentrate and approach the forecast to the maximum assembled. In addition, an online bookmaker will be open for you 24 hours a day, which is almost impossible for its offline competitor.

With Internet sources at hand, you can find much more information about the upcoming sporting event than being in the betting hall of an offline bookmaker, where at best championship tables and results of the last rounds will be printed. Of the fact that the main star and key player of Real Madrid – Cristiano Ronaldo, was injured in training, you naturally will not know, and such facts very often affect the final result of a sports event.

It is safer to bet on the Internet than in an offline bookmaker. Imagine a situation where you won a large sum of money in front of a dozen people, some of which may be a threat. There are situations when people come with security guards for a big win and this is a reasonable precaution. On the Internet, no one will ask you to share or lend, promising to return from the win. True, this does not mean that money on your online gaming account is completely safe.

Another significant minus of offline bookmakers concerns live bets. The situation is quite typical when there are a large number of people in the betting hall and there is a high probability that there will be a queue in front of the window, this will significantly reduce the chances of making a successful live bet, since even after half a minute the necessary ratio can greatly decrease.

A nice feature of bets in the online bookmaker is the availability of various bonuses.

But on the Internet, you will never feel the atmosphere that prevails in the bookmaker. This is a lively communication, emotions, common feelings for the bet of one of the players. In an offline bookmaker you can ask the more experienced players for advice on a specific sporting event and immediately get answers to all your questions. But you should not absorb all the information received as a sponge, as it will not always be true.

To place a bet on the Internet, the game account must have funds that must first be deposited through various payment systems. In an offline bookmaker, you are relieved of these difficulties, they accept cash and in order to make a bet, you just need to name its number, amount and your forecast. It’s more convenient to receive money in the bookmaker’s box, if the forecast is correct, you will withdraw it almost immediately after the end of the event by exchanging the coupon issued to you earlier with information about the winning bet.

How We Picked Our Best Sports Betting Sites

When we selected top sports gambling sites, we considered these questions:

Is the bookmaker reliable:

  • the availability of a license (in particular, the UK),
  • the age and reputation of the company,
  • the existence of reasonable bad reviews,
  • an assessment of Pro-gamble.

Is the betting product good:

  • a line (are there enough sports events for you),
  • a list (are there enough betting options for you),
  • odds (are they high enough).

As with finances:

  • are there any suitable methods of deposit / payment,
  • are there any commissions and what are they,
  • how quickly the office withdraws funds.

As with mobility:

  • is there a mobile site and is it convenient,
  • is there an application for your smartphone / tablet.

Are there gingerbread cookies:

  • the availability of bonuses and promotions,
  • whether their conditions are suitable for your style of play.

And all the rest:

  • if the site has an English version,
  • if the support service helps you,
  • if you like the site.

First of all, we must pay attention to the reliability of the bookmaker, the number of events and the painting of lines, the value of the odds, bonuses and promotions, currency, methods of depositing and withdrawing funds, as well as the speed of receiving money.

Exchange Betting: How Does It Differ From Traditional Sportsbooks?

Bet exchanges are intermediary platforms that accept bets between players. They do not operate with their money, since bets are made between players at the odds that these players have designated. When forming the coefficients in the betting exchange, only the supply and demand are important, and they do not lay margins, as in bookmakers, but the exchange takes a certain percentage of the players ’bets.

If you try to explain the principle of the betting exchange on your fingers, it will look like this: you and your friend decided to bet on a certain sports game. Having made your bets, you will give the money to a third person who will hold it until the end of the match and then give it back to the winning person, but at the same time take a small commission. Thus, you have protected yourself from the situation if your friend does not want to give you a win.


Are all online bookmakers fair & honest?

Unfortunately, not all. But in order to play with reliable bookmakers, you need to check the license of the company. But we have done everything for you. In our topsports betting sites you will find only licensed bookmakers.

What is the difference between a betting site & a betting exchange?

The main difference is that on Betting Exchange you bet with another player on inflated odds. So you can increase your profits. Moreover, you set your own bet.

Can I bet online without a bank account?

Of course you can. But for this you will need electronic wallets. You can replenish your account in Online either by bank transfer, through a card, or by e-wallets.

Do I have to pay tax on gambling winnings?

If you play on a site with an EU / EES license, then tax will not be deducted from you. Any sites that do not have this license pay a tax on winnings, including the player.

What happens if a bookmaker goes out of business?

If you played on an unlicensed site, then unfortunately you will lose your money and you won’t be able to return it. If the site has a license, then it undertakes to pay all the players their money.

Can I cancel a bet after I’ve placed it?

Yes, you can sell a bet if you change your mind. But if the odds for this event has changed, then you will sell it at a different price. If odds has increased, then you will sell for a smaller amount. If odds decreases, then sell for a large amount.