Spanish gambling regulator Direccion General de Ordenacion del Juego is consulting on new online gambling rules, which will include spending limits for each online casino session and new rules for high-spending players. The regulator published its proposals for discussion by August 9.

The new rules set a number of requirements and restrictions for Spanish gambling operators.

For example, in a casino, players must set a time limit and net spend for each gaming session before it starts, it cannot be changed during the session. In addition, the set values must be reinserted by the player every time, even if he is playing the same game. Each session, started within 60 minutes after the close of the previous one, must be accompanied by a message from the operator reminding how little time has passed since the previous game, and during the session, the player must receive at least one message every 30 minutes, containing objective information about the time of the game, wagered amount, net loss.

A ban is introduced on “losses disguised as winnings”, that is, when the result, which ultimately led to a net loss, can be perceived by the client as a win because of the way it is presented. Also prohibited messages aimed at encouraging further play after the loss, for example: “You were close!”.

In addition, operators will have to provide each client with a monthly summary of the game, including the number of site visits, deposits, account history, balance, any changes to deposit limits.

A client will be considered an “intense gambler” if, over three consecutive periods, he reaches at least half of the maximum daily or weekly loss limit set by the Spanish gambling rules. For players under the age of 25, the game will be considered intense if they reach 25% of the maximum limits for two consecutive periods.

Any client recognized as an intense player must, within 24 hours after reaching the threshold, receive a message with information about the player’s interaction with the games, including such data of the amount of deposits, time spent in the game, accumulated losses, other data that the operator may consider relevant to a specific client.

Intense players will also be prohibited from using credit cards to fund their gaming accounts.

Such restrictions are being introduced against the backdrop of record income for operators of the gambling industry in the first quarter of 2021. Data released by specialist advisory firm Ficom Leisure indicates that casino revenue in the first three months of this year is higher than betting. Although this picture is not equal by months: January was the most profitable for the casino, with total revenue of € 92 million. Income from online casinos for the month was € 34.4 million. In February, a maximum of 1.2 million players were reached, of which 463 411 were new. March was also marked by a record: turnover in the betting industry reached € 964.7 million. Slots remained the most popular games, with revenue of over € 17 million and turnover exceeding € 500 million in all three months.

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