PokerStars has expanded the offer of its cash games with a new discipline – Pot Limit 6 Card Omaha. 6-card Omaha has appeared in international and European level and it is available at rates from $ 0.05 / $ 0.10 to $ 50 / $ 100.

The only difference from regular Omaha is the number of cards dealt to each player. To collect combinations, players have to use 2 of 6 pocket cards with 3 cards on the board.

Best starting hands

If in normal Omaha players have 6 possible combinations of two pocket cards, and in a 5-card Omaha their number increases to 10, then in a 6-card Omaha players can collect 15 potential combinations from starting hands.

This means that in pocket cards you need to look for more than just one coat aces and kings. During a preflop a player should pay attention to potential straights and flushes, and that future straight draws and flush draws will be nuts.

Flop game

Before the flop, players will not know how strong their starting hand is. We can say that the 6-card Omaha is a flop game. In this game all players need to look for hands that can easily close the absolute nut, so the more coordinated the hand is during a preflop, the more potential chances to win the player has.

It is better when there are as many as possible cards into potential straight, flush and full house. Once the player has reached the flop, it is necessary to evaluate objectively these opportunities.

What is a Dangler?

In normal Omaha, players choose starting hands, where all four cards worked together and complement each other. For example: A♦ A♣ K♦ 4♣: here two flush draws with aces can close, and Ax Kx or Kx 4x can also get into straights.

Dangler is a hand in which pocket cards are not connected to the rest. You need to remember about it when choosing starting hands, because in the 6-card Omaha this hand will be distributed often.

If you ignore Dangler and wait only for top hands, then you unfortunately will not get a lot of hands. But you need to be careful with those hands that are completely uncoordinated.

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